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A Civil Duel Of Sorts
Thu Sep 14, 2006 20:41 (XFF:

Upon getting the instructions of what they were to do, Kieran couldn't help his grin, and as he looked over at the Soldier that had already been his partner for the first part of the lesson, he found himself, and his grin, mirrored on the other man's face as it looked over at him. So, they both have a sense of vengeance about them. In the back of his mind, Kieran knew that he shouldn't let this get to him, but he wasn't listening to that nagging voice that was trying to make him respectable right now. It wasn't long before they were facing each other again; grins on both of their faces.

His partner indicated without a word that since he had performed the weave first in the earlier segment of the lesson, that it was Kieran's turn to go first. At any other time, Kieran would have been obliged, but knowing that the young man was wishing to fling weaves at his shield, and maybe hoping one would get through, he was a bit hesitant. Kieran didn't let the young man see this, and he nodded, agreeing. He formed the shield like he'd been shown. Sadly, Earth was his weakest Element, so trying to strengthen the shield with it wouldn't give as much aid as it might to others. Still, he infused it into the shield, not wanting to take any chances. It wasn't long after that the Soldier started attacking with different weaves, sometimes they were just one Element, and other times, they were a mixture of two or more.

A few were close to breaking through, and Kieran had to make sure that he was concentrating hard on the shield, because it was weakening with each attack. Right before one of the weaves would have broken through, the young man stopped his attacks, and quickly reverted his weaves into the one for the shield. Kieran quickly took this opportunity, and started attacking him. He began with mostly harmless weaves. Some of them, they might cause a bruise, or maybe a small cut if they hit the Soldier, but other than that, the young man would be safe. It took all of Kieran's will to not attack with more dangerous weaves. As time passed, however, Kieran got more daring, seeing that the shield was holding. Thankfully, he noticed the strain the other Soldier was showing, and he stopped his attacks, and nodded to the young man, letting him know that he was finished. He nodded back to Kieran. He knew the same thought was going through that young man's as well; if they could duel some other time.

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