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Playing With Fire And Earth
Thu Sep 14, 2006 22:05 (XFF:

This was going to be a long and challenging lesson, because at the beginning of it, Kieran decided that it would be best if he learned both the Defensive and the Battle weaves. At least with the anger of the duels with the Defensive weaves, it had dulled the pain of his headache that had been caused by his wild night. Now, it was the time for him to get his act together, and learn the Battle weaves. He shook his head a bit, paying attention to M'Hael Lysander as best he could. The headache was coming back, if a little toned down from the force it had been when he awoken in the morning. Of course, the weave that was demonstrated made him soon forget the pain, and brought a smile to his lips. He wasn't very strong in Earth, in fact it was his worst Element, but he was fairly strong in Fire.

When he, and the rest of the Soldiers and Dedicated, was given leave to work on the weaves that had just been demonstrated, Kieran could hardly contain his glee. He thought that this was going to be lots of fun, even though he was slightly weakened by already demonstrating his mastery of the Defensive weaves earlier in the lesson. Seizing saidin, he began forming the weave with Fire as they had been shown, and then added the Earth like the M'Hael had shown. With not too good aim the first time, he threw the fireball at a boulder…and hit about a foot and a half away from it, creating a crater, that although smaller than the M'Hael's and the female Dedicated's, wasn't as small as some of the others. Maybe his considerable strength in Fire made up for his lack of strength in Earth.

Trying again, Kieran aimed at the boulder. This time, he didn't add the Earth into the weave, and instead just tossed a weave of Fire at the boulder. The fireball hit closer to the boulder, but still didn't hit the boulder itself. Before he weakened himself by using Earth in the fireball weave, he perfected his aim by using smaller balls of just Fire. Once his aim started improving; meaning he actually hit the boulder, made them larger, and when he was still able to hit the boulder, he added the Earth back into the mix. Kieran was glad to see the explosion of the boulder. With that accomplished, Kieran kept practicing until it was time for the next weave in the Battle portion of the lesson.

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    • Playing With Fire And Earth — Soldier Kieran (Karen), Thu Sep 14 22:05
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