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A Weakness In Earth
Thu Sep 14, 2006 22:23 (XFF:

He couldn't help it when his cheeks flushed when he heard that the next weave was going to only be made of Earth. Not only was that his weakest Element, but he had been working during this entire lesson on weaves, and even though it was as debilitating before, his headache still persisted as an annoyance. This was going to embarrassing if nothing else. He knew that people had trouble with certain weaves, but he really hated showing weakness. That's part of the reason he had made it a point to come to this lesson, even if he hadn't made that wise of a choice the night before.

Taking a deep breath, he pulled upon strands of Earth, and attempted making the latticework needed for the weave. Of course, he wasn't successful. His weakness in Earth combined with his weakness from all the weaves he had performed was going to make this very difficult, if not impossible for him. He attempted again, concentrating more on the weave, and not his current state of tiredness. He could deal with being tired. He had to concentrate if he wanted to accomplish anything. If he didn't concentrate, he could make a stupid mistake, and harm himself, or those around him.

His second attempt looked like it was going to work for a moment, but then it unraveled. If Kieran hadn't been in the emotionless state of holding saidin he would have been overly annoyed by this turn of events. As it was, he attempted again, only to have the weave fail again, but it was sustained longer than either of the previous attempts. There was a slim hope that he would succeed now that he was sustaining the weave longer. The fourth time he made the latticework, he was able to sink it into the ground, but the explosion was not very large. It probably was just enough to make one enemy be tripped up, but he couldn't even force himself to have a more optimistic outlook on it. Even though he had succeeded, Kieran stopped weaving for a moment, to catch his breath as it were, instead of adding Fire or Air into the weave like the M'Hael had suggested.

Finally, after resting for as long as he dared, he attempted putting a bit of Fire into the latticework as he lowered it into the ground. This made the explosion bigger, but still not as large as those around him. Next, he added some Air, and that made such a minimal affect on the results, that he didn't see any point in continuing. Luckily, before he was able to continue, the students were called back for the next, and hopefully last, part of this long lesson.

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