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Fri Sep 15, 2006 08:43 (XFF:

A battle was to be the last part of the lesson. Well, not exactly a battle, but a duel of strengths at least. If Kieran was lucky, then he could make it so that his battles were going to take place after a while, so it would give him time to rest somewhat. If he was fresh, then the idea of this competition would be a joyous occasion, but since he wasnít, this could be a challenge, especially when he would be the offensive for the battle.

As luck would have it, Kieran didnít have to fight in the first few battles. This was a great thing for him since he was able to take a breather. His headache was pretty much gone, but because of his strain of using saidin for so long, and with his weakest Element, Earth, he wasnít feeling up to a fight at the moment.

He paired with a different Soldier than the one that had been his partner during the Defensive weave portion of the lesson. This Soldier had only taken part in the Battle weaves portion, so Kieran would have to find someone that had been in the Defensive portion to perform the Battle weaves against, but that was not something he was thinking about at the moment. He was concentrating on remembering the Defensive weaves.

Soon enough, their time came, and the combat came.

Making sure not to make the edges too sharp, Kieran placed a shield over the Soldier, blocking him from saidin. Although Kieran knew it wouldnít hold for the entire ninety seconds, it should take a chunk out of the time he needed to use the barrier. Kieran tried to count how long it was as the other Soldier fought against the shield, but that took more concentration out of his shield, and he stopped it then. Soon, almost seeming too soon, the Soldier broke out of the shield, and Kieran had to quickly put up a barrier against the Soldierís fireball. It had been laced with Earth, and an explosion sounded, but the heron statue was still safe.

The Soldier beat at the barrier, not wishing to lose in this battle. Of course, Kieran wasnít willing to lose, either. His barrier around the heron was taking a beating, and even though it was weakening, it was holding for the time being. Right before the barrier would have been broken through, it would have taken only one more of those fireballs, the ninety seconds were up, and Kieran was the winnerÖfor this battle.

Next was the battle in which he would be on the offensive, and some Soldier from the Defensive weave portion would be the defender of the statue. With all the strain that had accumulated, and his weakness in Earth, Kieran didnít really believe that he had that much of a chance in winning this next battle, but Kieran would not allow himself to get discouraged. As he took his place at his side of the arena, he saw the young man that he had paired up with while they learned the Defensive weaves. This surprised him for a moment, but he didnít have much time to think about it before the combat began.

Unlike the tactic Kieran had used, the young man didnít place a shield upon him first off. Kieran didnít let that moment of confusion hinder him, and instead, sent a fireball, this one without the Earth in to make the explosion, at the statue. Unsurprisingly, it was stopped by a barrier. Kieran sent another fireball, and another, and the fourth one, he sent ridden with Earth. The explosion wasnít enough to break through the barrier, but Kieran knew that it was weakening. The other Soldier knew it too. Kieran sent another exploding fireball at the barrier.

Then, what happened next was a great chance that could have blown up in the other Soldierís face. The young man, while Kieran was forming another fireball, released the barrier weave, and quickly sent a shield, cutting Kieran off from saidin and making the weave of the fireball fall apart. Kieran, after recovering from the initial shock, started battering against the shield, but to no avail. It seemed like he was kept under for the longest time, like he was drowning. Finally he was able to break free, and not knowing how much time he had left, started forming another fireball, once again omitting the Earth. He would not, could not, form the weave that was so similar to Earth Singing, so he must stay with the fireballs. It was hard enough to just manipulate the Fire, in which he was very strong in.

The barrier had been erected before the fireball was able to make it to the statue. Right as another fireball was forming, the ninety seconds were over, and Kieran let the weave dissipate. The unnamed Soldier had won this battle, and Kieran accepted that. He had won one battle, and lost the other, and although it wasnít the greatest, he couldnít have really expected more at the end of this lesson from himself.

OOC: I said within the week, and it didn't even take me a day. >.> <.< Woot. Hope you like it.

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