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Styr Tai'Sei, Dedicated
Acting on Instinct
Sun Sep 17, 2006 04:02 (XFF:

Styr surveyed his partner with dark eyes. They had all split off into pairs once again, and he was amused to see his prior partner avoiding him like the Plague. Smiling mirthlessly, he nodded to the elder Dedicated; introduced as Lucius al’Char. The wind rose, and his cloak whipped against his body in stinging gusts.

‘Let us practice the weave first, then we shall partner up to test it.’ Styr inclined his head slightly to the other man at his cold and crisp tones. Al’Char was obviously several years a senior Dedicated, and while he had no qualms against irritating and alienating younger and weaker Initiates, it seemed a wisdom to act with civility here.

Moving off a little way, Styr shifted around until he had an even footing on the loose gravel before he seized. Already, his legs were vibrating gently with weakness, and it irked him to realise how unused to channelling at this level he was. It was all well and good, he thought as he wove the solid blade of Spirit, to be able to use basic weaves proficiently. After all, how else would he have survived the Borderlands. But he needed to get better, faster. Revenge was a bitter pill to swallow.

Blinking, he examined the weave he had created almost without thinking. So many little wisps of saidin making up that solid little dagger of Spirit. It was only a slight difficulty as well. He liked working with Spirit almost as much as he loved Earth. A strange construct, yet if it did what their tutor said it would…

‘Are you ready yet, Dedicated?’ Styr’s upper lip twitched into a sneer which vanished as he turned to face his opponent. When you had nothing constructive to say, it was often better to say nothing. He nodded.

He had barely a split second of warning. A flash of saidin-strength. The sense of a heat haze moving towards him. He lashed out instinctively, and the dagger-shaped weave moved with his arm. There was the feel of resistance, an equal and opposing force, and the heat on his upturned face vanished. Al’Char staggered backwards and Styr lashed out with instinct again. Air whipped tremulously through the air towards the cowardly whoreson, and…

Styr grimaced as he felt his weave sliced; the flows snapping back into his body like severed elastic. He was proud to note however, that he merely swayed on the spot. The other man snarled slightly and threw another burst of the Power at him. Aware of what he was doing this time, Styr twitched the Spirit-blade towards the little heat haze that sped from the man’s outstretched fingers. Once again, he staggered as the flows returned to him, but this time Styr chose not to retaliate, but instead released the Source. He had a sneaking suspicion that this Dedicated was old enough to have tasted the Taint. And if so, it would be better not to provoke him. Especially since he seemed far more proficient in Channeling.

‘Thank you, Dedicated al’Char. That was most… enlightening.’

Hoping that the man had a hold of himself, Styr turned his back to his opponent and returned to the main group. Admittedly, he had learnt this weave in another lesson, but he had never employed it against someone who tried so hard to attack him. He permitted himself a small smile, floating within the cold depths of the Void.

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