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Styr Tai'Sei, Dedicated
A Struggle
Sun Sep 17, 2006 04:39 (XFF:

Again, only a second’s notice before the storm fell. One moment he was examining the unmarked grass of the horizon, the next, Arrows of flame formed in a neat circle around a single Deathgate. As though fighting in armed combat, two dagger-weaves came at his call, and he spun on the spot; hurling the sharp blades at the trunk of his opponent’s attack. The Arrows of fire stopped mid-strike, and vanished, yet the Deathgate continued. Styr cursed, and flailed the blades left and right, trying to find the source of the weave. He got lucky, and the Deathgate flickered out of existence; but two more weaves replaced them with ferocity.

Styr barely had time to counter the two fireballs aimed at his statue before more arrows of fire and deathgates followed. He cursed under his breath in a steady stream and tried to ignore the thought that he must look ridiculous spinning and slashing with his empty hands. Sweat beaded his nameless opponent’s forehead; visible to saidin-enhanced sight, but he seemed tireless with his attack. Every angle was attacked, every weave utilised. How long had it been? Ten seconds, twenty? It seemed an age, and he could barely think for the effort it took him to counter and defend.

Even in the seconds he thought this, his concentration slipped, and one fireball slipped past his blades. His breath caught in his throat for a second before he realised that it had missed the heron. This was impossible. He couldn’t keep up this dexterity for much longer. He was slowing even now. He needed…

Gritting his teeth, Styr split the flows once more and wove a Shield. Sweat dripped from every pore, and his legs shook, but the Shield formed- if reluctantly. Threads of Earth fell into place with the Spirit even as he continued to whip the blade-weaves through Deathgate, Arrows and Fireballs. It was multi-tasking to a ridiculous level, and he hoped his gamble was going to pay off. If this onslaught went on much longer than he would collapse from fatigue.

Giving no hint of what he was doing, Styr dropped his defences a little, letting any weaves through that he thought non-consequential; or at least too far away to hit the heron. His opponent smiled in weary triumph. Only half time and he was already losing it. He redoubled his efforts, and Styr sagged theatrically; while moving the Shield closer and closer still. He waited until it was positioned directly behind the man, and then, with a burst of strength that felt much like the attack of a viper, he struck.

It was hard. Harder than he’d expected. This time his opponent held the Source fully, and he struggled every step of the way. Yet after a few seconds, the assault halted, and Styr had him fully shielded. Doubtless, the other Dedicated struggled and strained for the Source, but the Earth in the shield merely stretched elastically. Seventy seconds, eighty, eighty-five… The Dedicated was purple in the face from effort, but now Styr could concentrate everything on the Shield, it was nigh unbreakable…


Styr smiled victoriously and released everything. His opponent gasped at finding the Source again, and shrugged his shoulders inconsequentially; as though he had not tried with all his strength to win the battle. Sneering a little, Styr left the field to the others, shaking slightly, but buoyant with victory…

  • Part III: CulminationM'Hael Lysander, Thu Sep 7 13:47
    It really was turning out to be a rare brand of treat to stand here before the fruits of education, the initiates of the Black Tower, and see for himself what leaps and bounds were being made.... more
    • Heron-MarkedAsha'man Locke, Tue Sep 19 17:54
      The Caralain Grass. Locke smiled at it, an uncompromising feeling of freedom coming across him. As far as he could see in any direction, nothing but flat, fertile, simple land - rich, and dark, with... more
    • A Struggle — Styr Tai'Sei, Dedicated, Sun Sep 17 04:39
    • Fifty-FiftySoldier Kieran (Karen), Fri Sep 15 08:43
      A battle was to be the last part of the lesson. Well, not exactly a battle, but a duel of strengths at least. If Kieran was lucky, then he could make it so that his battles were going to take place... more
    • That's One For MeSoldier Reyna a'Nesae, Thu Sep 14 17:48
      Stepping through the Gateway that had been woven for them was an experience like none other. Reyna had neither seen a Gateway nor been through one during her short time at the Tower. She was awed by... more
    • Strike first, strike fast, and strike smart.Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Sun Sep 10 13:20
      Afailla was a bit disoriented after the trip through the Gateway. When their little group emerged, she recognized nothing of the terrain, but it didn’t seem as though anyone else did, either. She... more
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