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Healing: Tricks of Triage
Mon Sep 18, 2006 12:43 (XFF:

There were . . . particular benefits, she supposed, of being the M’Hael’s bondmate. Perhaps. In sooth, it took every last effort Myrth possessed not to feel guilty about it. Light, but he had tried to do harm to her. He had wanted to use her. Kill her, too! And if she was making the best of the situation after having forcibly bonded him, and if she was using this power of influence so that she might gain the ability to teach lessons here, so that she might extend a reputation even so far as the Black Tower . . . well, what did it make her? Human? No. Aes Sedai? Yes, that was it.

Saidar radiated the glowing sweetness of warmth through her inside the Black Tower, and Myrth was scratching an almost juvenile itch to hold the Power in a locale that was not the White Tower. She never held it in cities; even when she was returning to Cairhien to perform upkeep on her old home, she made sure someone painted the agelessness out of her face with Illusion, and she never touched the Source. Here, however, Myrth was liberated to channel. In a place that was not Tar Valon, it was strangely free. It was strangely strange. She liked it.

Myrth’s dark tresses fanned about behind her as her violet dress made the distinct swish-swish of a heightened pace, of walking with your destination known and your time constraints firmly on the mind. Her yellow-fringed shawl dangled indolently, garnering her a healthy amount of stares from the recruits in passing. The White and Black Towers were allied, certainly, but Myrth was not foolish enough to think that Aes Sedai and Asha’man were to act as brothers and sisters. Gosh, no. She was their counterpart, and she was their opposite; by peering at her, they saw the inverted reflection of themselves, and they saw what they weren’t. Asha’man weren’t Aes Sedai; oh, the world saw them as several paces less.

In the back of her mind, even as she navigated the compacted paths of the Black Tower, Myrth was aware of Lysander’s presence. They were close enough to register emotion, and Lysander was . . . not angry, no, but thinking. Thinking heavily. Brooding, even. The nasty fellow was sour enough about the situation he found himself, merciless to Myrth’s beck and call.

Guilt. It was not a sudden twinge, but a warm, disseminating sensation, not at all unlike the feeling of saidar in her pith. Sometimes, Myrth despised what she did. Weak in the Power, she hardly had the chance to gain influence in the White Tower, yet here was her chance. Random favours from Lysander had allowed her to complete Ajah assignments with greater ease. Even when parts of the world were lacking Eyes and Ears influence from her own Yellow Ajah, Myrth had been able to call upon Lysander’s resources. Spies in remote regions such as Windbiter’s Finger and World’s End had granted her information.

Oh, Light. Adriel. She loved him, and she only hoped she could forgive herself for not telling her lover. He would never understand.

“Aes Sedai.”

Myrth held herself to a stop, turning to eye the man–the deep voice said as much–who had addressed her. He had the distinct Shienaran topknot, though this one was sturdily grey. Hallmarks of age were peeking through his skin. He did not look cheerful. Not really. His face was hard, certainly, and where there was softness of lack skin, there was the equal brittle Asha’man edge.

Nodding respectfully, if not deferring, Myrth chimed in with a, “Good morning, Asha’man–Gentry?”

“Gentry indeed,” he said instantly, “and you must be Myrth. Myrth Sedai, rather. Lysander informed me that you would be arriving.”

It was the most tiny thing ever, and she was even somewhat proud for noticing, but the man did not name him M’Hael. Were any Aes Sedai to casually name the Amyrlin “Evelyn,” well . . . Myrth did not know what would happen, as she doubted the situation would ever come about, and she was thankful. A subtle thing, and the man did not seem to notice. Moving on.

“The lesson will transpire in the Infirmary, though we will gather outside of it, if you’ll follow me,” Gentry continued stonily, taking the lead. Not all Asha’man could be like Polourence, she noted, remembering her last teaching opportunity here at the Black Tower. Polourence had been a gentleman.

Minutes later, Myrth and Gentry found themselves standing outside the large, burnished building known as the Infirmary. It was handsome, built of dark brick with subtle addendums of lacquered wood and . . . marble? In touches. Light. Their Infirmary was beautiful, though somewhat less practical than the sterile, clean surroundings of the White Tower’s. It was properly yellow, too. It did not take long for the recruits to come. Soldiers and Dedicated alike showed themselves. Not a particularly large group, no, but a group nonetheless. A very workable group.

“Good day, everyone,” Myrth greeted, smiling as her brown-eyed gaze weighed upon each in turn. “I am Myrth Vendedd, Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah, and I am here to teach you the subject of Healing. Though sometimes a tricky weave, Healing is actually kind of–”

“Healing is death if in the wrong hands,” Gentry intoned, blue eyes dredging silence and respect from the recruits. “It is death in that, if performed improperly, the lack of aid can cause the victim to die. If used improperly, too, the very weave itself can kill. It is said that Healing is the most deadly of the non-deadly weaves. Remember this. We will go about learning Healing for the purpose of triage on the battlefield–that is, to use it efficiently enough to treat as many wounded soldiers and possible.”

Myrth blinked. Oh, Light. If the White Tower had such a heavy-handed approach to Healing, well . . . she did not want to think about how think the Yellow Ajah’s ranks would be. “Right. Anyway, give your name, age, Track–” She almost accidentally said Ajah. “–and whatever else you find fit. Then we can begin.”

OOC: Hello! This is a Healing lesson (yay!) and it’s not just for those with the Talent of Healing, either. Soldiers, Dedicated, and Accepted can join for Healing credit, and Soldiers and Dedicated without the Talent are free to join for CRP credit. *grins* I’d like 400 words minimum, describing your character coming to the lesson, and Part I will be up in a week.

    • Completion!Mark, Wed Oct 11 19:30
      G'day, g'day! Credits listed alphabetically: Afailla Zander I swear, with A and Z like that, you'd think I had rigged it. ^_-; Extensions requested by and granted to Soldiers Kieran, Kandra, Euriv,... more
    • Part III: Save the SufferingMark, Fri Oct 6 20:11
      It grew slowly evident which of the students had the Talent and which did not. For some, the weave came with an almost ridiculous brand of ease–like it had for her when she was but an Accepted. For... more
      • DeathSoldier Shayla al'Cazor, Thu Oct 19 15:18
        Shayla was beginning to feel exhausted—building a weave as complicated as the Healing weave three times in less than a day was quite tiring. As the lesson moved out of the Infirmary and onto the... more
      • Healing...And Healing...And Healing...Soldier Kieran (Karen), Mon Oct 16 20:03
        The class finished up in the Infirmary, and then started making its way to the Green. Kieran couldn't help but be pleased with himself with the fact he had the Talent of Healing. Not that he really... more
      • Seconds an eternitySoldier Euriv al'Deron, Sun Oct 15 19:19
        Energy seemed to flow back into him with need despite being drained by the small laceration he healed at the infirmary. As the group was led outside they turned towards the Green where figures could... more
      • Five Minute RunSoldier Kandra sur Samarand, Thu Oct 12 17:17
        Kandra followed the others outside. It was a nice day, albeit a little cloudy. As the group marched along, they cam upon a group of Soldiers. Kandra guessed they were part of the exercise, and as... more
      • Feeling the Strain...Dedicated Zander Kilgas, Sun Oct 8 14:01
        Zander followed the group outside. His mind would normally have been on other things, but the sudden break in the standard routine of the lesson had piqued his interest and he had his full... more
      • Feeling the failure.Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Sat Oct 7 11:33
        The transition from inside to out caused most of their small group to blink furiously, waiting for their eyes to adjust. When at last she could see again, Afailla stepped out with the rest, trailing... more
    • Healing...that could be useful!Dedicated Zander Kilgas, Fri Oct 6 16:06
      Zander may have been a rebel, but he always knew when to back down from a challenge he couldn't have a hope of winning. It was an intuition that he had picked up in his many years of roaming the... more
    • Part II: Helping to HealMyrth Sedai, Thu Sep 28 12:54
      She watched, mutely pleased, as the recruits performed Delving without difficulty. Well, without much difficulty. It was a tricky weave. Still, they rose to the challenge, and poor Delahurst looked a ... more
      • Power StruggleSoldier Shayla al'Cazor, Thu Oct 19 15:16
        “You seem to have mastered Delving, but Delving is still only a leaf compared to the tree that is Healing,” said the Asha’man. “Far less complex, but an inherent part of it.” Shayla groaned inwardly; ... more
      • Broken SkinAsha'man Locke Lemain, Wed Oct 18 09:46
        Locke examined the delving dummy as he left the Infirmary as quickly as he could, in his tingly, perturbed state. It was humorous, if for all the wrong reasons. Well, not all. Most. Shifting his eyes ... more
      • Having The TalentSoldier Kieran (Karen), Sun Oct 15 21:52
        So…he was supposed to make the Healing weave with his two strongest Elements that weren't Spirit. After thinking about it for a moment, he came to the conclusion that he would be making the Healing... more
      • An uncooperative patientSoldier Euriv al'Deron, Mon Oct 9 19:59
        Healing, the word sounded off like a chime in Euriv’s head and his apprehension grew to a peak. His hands began to sweat as Myrth Sedai gave her directions on what they were going to do. He pinched... more
      • To Heal...Dedicated Zander Kilgas, Fri Oct 6 18:34
        Zander watched the last of the Soldiers, a hawk-nosed Saldean man, finish the Delving exercise after a fair few attempts and glanced towards the teachers of this lesson. They were conferring... more
      • Exercise in ConcentrationSoldier Kandra sur Samarand, Tue Oct 3 18:11
        Kandra stood there for a moment as the crowd dispersed. He knew that this would not be a pleasant experience; Spirit, Air and Water were his weakest elements. The weave that used Fire, the killing... more
      • Let's get him out of there earlySoldier Fheivir al'Raq, Tue Oct 3 11:55
        There was nothing visibly wrong with the patient that Myrth Sedai, as she named herself earlier, clearly she expected him to learn it all for himself with a clever delving. Bloody Aes Sedai, always... more
      • No one died. That's a good thing, right?Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Fri Sep 29 18:15
        Healing. At first glance, it seemed pretty complicated – in fact, it seemed nearly impossible. They began practicing the weave, and Afailla finally settled on trying the Fire and Earth weave. Fire... more
    • Support For LiesSoldier Kieran (Karen), Sat Sep 23 19:27
      A Healing lesson would be held today. There would be no conceivable way that Kieran would be able to cope out of this lesson, and still have people believing that he was of the Healer track. Of... more
    • Part I: Delve and DiagnoseMyrth Sedai, Sat Sep 23 09:47
      The responses came as expected, if still slightly less effusive than what she might anticipate from the White Tower. That didn’t necessarily take her aback. The Asha’man’s presence, however, came... more
      • Delving Into The UnknownSoldier Kieran (Karen), Thu Oct 12 09:03
        Kieran looked upon the so called “killing weave” with interest, and stored its making in his memory. His two strongest Elements just happened to be the two used in the said weave. That weave may just ... more
      • A Mirthful Laugh; A Woman Named MyrthAsha'man Locke Lemain, Mon Oct 9 14:42
        This Aes Sedai was interesting. She had an easy laugh, the kind that was as socially ambiguous as the idle, placating words she directed to him. Still, it was mirthful, and that, in itself, was... more
      • To Delve into the Crowd...Dedicated Zander Kilgas, Fri Oct 6 16:53
        Zander remained slightly bored as he listened to the droning of the pretty little Aes Sedai. He caught the occasional string of words here and there, but for the most part his mind was on other... more
      • Attention to DetailSoldier Euriv al'Deron, Wed Oct 4 18:21
        Euriv was beginning to look like a child in a sweets shop. His eyes lit up when Myrth Sedai spoke and Asha’man Gentry preformed various examples of weaves along side her. He seared them into his... more
      • To Kill with HealingSoldier Shayla al'Cazor, Tue Oct 3 10:27
        Shayla was shocked, almost to her core. An Asha’man?!...What in the Great Lord’s name is an Asha’man doing attending a lesson?...And why?...There must be a reason, for the Asha’man do not need... more
      • Complex Weaves.....Soldier Kandra sur Samarand, Mon Sep 25 16:30
        Kandra watched nonchalantly as Myrth Sedai explained the connection between the Healing and Killing weaves. He could not see the weaves of saidar , but he knew she had done something when Asha’man... more
      • Isn't this a little invasive?Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Sat Sep 23 18:47
        After the introductions had concluded, the two instructors began a demonstration of the various basic weaves. Afailla watched closely, especially when she realized just how similar the life-giving... more
      • Go ahead. Delve in.Soldier Fheivir al'Raq, Sat Sep 23 18:41
        Fheivir looked up as he heard someone mention the difference between a 'killing' weave and a healing one. He disregarded the entire notion when he heard the female, Aes Sedai by her dress, dismiss it ... more
    • I've always wanted to heal the sick...Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Fri Sep 22 15:49
      The day was gorgeous, not a cloud in the sky and a gentle nip in the air that made wearing the black uniform almost tolerable. As far as temperature went, at least. They were still an abomination,... more
    • From the depths he returnsSoldier Fheivir al'Raq, Fri Sep 22 14:25
      Fheivir woke up the morning with a splitting headache. What have I done this time. He was surprised he hadn't gotten a message from the M'Hael himself. I have to keep going. He left a few days out of ... more
    • On Something of Which I Know NothingAsha'man Locke Lemain, Thu Sep 21 10:31
      It was nearly time to eat. Locke could feel his stomach protesting its emptiness, if not loudly, certainly audibly. Brushing his black hair back and retying the ribbon that held it in place, he... more
    • Whatever Fits the BillSoldier Shayla al'Cazor, Wed Sep 20 18:15
      She did not like taking two lessons at once. But, she mused, if this gets me to Dedicated that much faster, then by all means, I’ll take as many lessons as needed. I need the freedom of a Dedicated... more
    • Early StartSoldier Euriv al'Deron, Wed Sep 20 06:22
      Three A.M. An ungodly time form most but like clockwork for the past two weeks it had been Euriv’s basic start time, anywhere between four and six. He looked out the window to see but a few souls... more
    • Ready To LearnSoldier Kandra sur Samarand, Mon Sep 18 17:50
      Kandra sat on a wooden stool beside a tree, swallowing the last of his lunch. He had the option of eating inside, but he had chosen outdoors, simply for the fresh air that brushed his light brown... more
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