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Soldier Kandra sur Samarand
Knives, Eh?
Tue Sep 19, 2006 17:56 (XFF:

The cool air whipped across Kandra’s face as he walked across the Tower grounds. The snow was still another month or two in coming, but the cool air reminded everyone that winter was not too far off. He pulled his black coat close. Best not to catch a chill.

He was heading over to the Knives lesson. He dreaded somewhat what was coming, word around camp was that Dedicated Styr was a bitter man. Kandra disliked people who were anti-social, it was downright rude. But Kandra was to become a Spy, and knives would be a large help when the One Power wasn’t enough.

Kandra arrived at the “Training Grounds” while others were filing in, so he had no fear of being late. His teacher arrived not long after. His long face regarded each in turn, studying them. When he spoke, it was with a tone of harsh bitterness, as though he wished he could be anywhere else than here. “Right! All of you: Soldiers, Dedicated, Accepted or Gaidin… Shut it”. Everyone stopped speaking, and turned to look at him. Styr instructed, rather he ordered, them to state their name, rank and experience with knives. Styr then flicked his handless wrist at Kandra, beckoning him to speak first. Kandra flinched, he had expected the man to have all his limbs.

“Soldier Kandra sur Samarand, Spy. I have had experience with knives sir, I was forced to kill a pair who tried to kill me in my sleep. Though it was only a short time, and I lost the knife, so it is hardly experience.”

Several of the Gaidin and others have him looks ranging from approval to surprise. It was not often that someone so openly discussed the killing of another, but Kandra had decided long ago that he would not keep secrets unnecessarily. Styr was giving him an odd look, one that he could not quite place.

Kandra had stopped at the house of an old couple on his journey to the Black Tower. They were falling on hard times, but they welcomed him like a son. But as Kandra had learned, you couldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. He had been kept awake that night, which had saved his life. The couple had snuck into his room with knives, attempting to ambush him while he was sleeping. But he had disarmed the old man, and had stabbed the pair. He had felt horrible afterward, but at least he was alive.

Once the noise level subsided, others began introducing themselves. Kandra let his thoughts wander, he could afford to let his attention rest. He would need it for the upcoming lesson.

Yep, I'm doing this lesson as well as Healing. Hitting two birds with one stone as they say.....

  • The Complete Guide to Playing with KnivesStyr Tai'Sei, Dedicated, Mon Sep 18 09:33
    Styr stared down at the crumpled note with cold unenthusiasm. A lesson… They wanted him , to teach , a lesson … Grimacing, he channelled; and the paper scrunched itself up into midair, disappearing... more
    • Lesson Complete!Tom, Mon Oct 16 01:27
      Credit goes to Soldier Shayla, Soldier Kandra and Soldier Afaila! God job guys, it's been a pleasure. Tom ~Styr Tai'Sei, Dedicated~
    • Part III: A Short Drop and a Sudden StopStyr Tai'Sei, Dedicated, Sun Oct 1 02:59
      Styr watched his students with a mixture of pleasure and irritation. Pleasure, because they were succeeding rather admirably at his task. Irritation at that pleasure he was feeling. This was no time... more
      • Intention to KillSoldier Shayla al'Cazor, Wed Oct 11 17:02
        Shayla watched in wonder as the Dedicated erected tall, stripped trees. He was clearly using the Power to make the …construct? A large number of trees had been stripped in order to create the thing,... more
      • Battle up high......Soldier Kandra sur Samarand, Wed Oct 4 17:07
        Kandra looked up at the poles. It certainly looked like a long drop, and he was not too sure just how safe it was. And if Styr really will save us if we fall. He has the look of one that would be... more
      • A precarious perch.Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Wed Oct 4 15:20
        The rhythm that Afailla had hit within the circle was becoming engrained in her head, but she really didn’t know what else to do. She couldn’t for the life of her make up any moves unique to herself, ... more
    • Part II: Balancing Offence and DefenceStyr Tai'Sei, Dedicated, Mon Sep 25 12:18
      Styr sighed, and then scowled. Sighing… He seemed to be doing far too much of that today. He was not a fair-haired maiden, to go sighing about the woes of his life. True, a majority of the class... more
      • Drilling with SoundSoldier Shayla al'Cazor, Mon Oct 2 11:14
        “Initiates. Into ranks now.” Shayla jumped at the sound of the Dedicated’s voice—it boomed across the Grounds, almost as loud as thunder. The instructor then proceeded to lecture the participants... more
      • Wards are Unpleasant...Soldier Kandra sur Samarand, Tue Sep 26 17:25
        Kandra followed the others as they formed a circle around Styr again. The man then proceeded to show them different combos to try. ‘Now, I want you to practice combining offences and defenses into... more
      • The knives are a dance . . . you need balance and precision.Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Mon Sep 25 18:40
        Afailla was thoroughly enjoying herself – the burn of physical fatigue felt good, almost comforting. Granted, she was sweating like a pig, an her uniform clung to her uncomfortably, but she felt as... more
    • Part I: Of Sickle and SleeveStyr Tai'Sei, Dedicated, Thu Sep 21 13:14
      Styr surveyed his motley assortment of pupils, and sighed. It was bemusement more than anything else that drew the breath from his quirked lips. No place in the world harboured such a travesty of... more
      • Forced DownSoldier Shayla al'Cazor, Mon Oct 2 11:13
        Shayla watched and waited as the others introduced themselves. There were a few familiar faces, but not ones that she was friendly with. The Dedicated surveyed the assembled students, then went on to ... more
      • Natural InstinctsSoldier Kandra sur Samarand, Thu Sep 21 19:12
        Kandra stood back, examining his blades. Both were Sickles, which he had wanted to get in the first place. It was said that the best offense was a good defense, but Kandra imagined that it worked... more
      • Did you say 'sick on my sleeve?'Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Thu Sep 21 17:28
        Afailla waited as the lesson unfolded, but when Styr started showing the different kinds of knives, she had to shove her way to the front so that she could see what was going on. Before she knew it,... more
    • No one likes being under the knife.Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Wed Sep 20 18:20
      Afailla could understand in theory why they were supposed to learn some basic weaponry. If they were shielded, hey would still need to be able to defend herself. Sure, it all made sense in theory.... more
    • Oooh...A Deadly Weapon!Soldier Shayla al'Cazor, Wed Sep 20 18:14
      Shayla couldn’t stop thinking about what she had done during the battle against the Seanchan. Did those idiot Asha’man actually ever get rescued?...More importantly, though, I wonder if that... more
    • Knives, Eh? — Soldier Kandra sur Samarand, Tue Sep 19 17:56
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