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Natural Instincts
Thu Sep 21, 2006 19:12 (XFF:

Kandra stood back, examining his blades. Both were Sickles, which he had wanted to get in the first place. It was said that the best offense was a good defense, but Kandra imagined that it worked both ways. For him, the best defense would be a good offense.

While Styr had been doing little tricks with his knives, Kandra had felt a cold pang of fear when Styr had lunged near him. It probably was due to the fact that he had last felt this sensation when the old couple had tried to murder him that night. He knew it also came from the fact that the man had been lunging at him with a weapon, and that most people felt some kind of fear when that happened. One pretty woman had almost jumped out of her skin as she pressed through the crowd, Styr had lunged almost directly at her. Served her right for being too eager.

Kandra watched passively as the brute al’Kinnly was positively humiliated in front of all the watchers. The man rushed forward too quickly, he was too reckless. Kandra was no blade master, but he knew an oaf when he saw one. He played with the two lathes in his hands, getting a good feel for them. As Styr was going over the movements, too slowly in Kandra’s opinion, Kandra practiced the footwork and strokes on his own. He found that he had a certain grace with them, and he barely managed to hold in a smile, this was easier than expected.

When Styr told them to find partners, Kandra felt somewhat left out. Most of the other Black Tower initiates had already paired up. He was about to go ask the pretty girl, the one who had blanched at Styr’s lunge, but she went over to a White Tower Novice. Kandra turned around to see who else was available, when al’Kinnly stepped in front of him.

“Styr might have bested me, but he knows what he’s doing. You look like easy pickings.”

Kandra almost burst out laughing. The man was too egotistical for his own good. Kandra knew himself to not be an accomplished knife master, but he knew how to handle a blade. How al’Kinnly would be in for a surprise…..

The two men moved into position. Without waiting for any sort of signal, al’Kinnly lunged forward recklessly. Kandra nimbly dodged out of the way, and brought his practice blade down awkwardly upon al’Kinnly’s back as he rushed past. The blow was not as good as Kandra expected, but it was a good start. As Kandra moved back into al’Kinnly’s former position, the big man stumbled a few steps more. He swiveled around, a look of pure hatred on his face. He lunged again, and Kandra almost pitied the man. Dropping one of his practice blades, Kandra lunged forward also. Using his free hand, he grasped the back of the collar of al’Kinnly as the man flew past him. Pulling the man backwards, Kandra spun, and swung at the same instant. His blow, definitely better than his first, caught the brute on the back of the neck. The man crumpled to the ground quickly. Kandra looked over at Styr, who was watching the fight, and stated simply: “He might need Healing.”

Picking up his second blade, he went back to practicing his forms alone, while al’Kinnly was dragged off.

OOC: Hopefully it’s ok that I used al’Kinnly, it seemed to fit better with him. And I don’t mean for Kandra to come off all experienced and all, he’s just naturally inclined to knives, and his opponent was a reckless brute after all….

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