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Part I: Delve and Diagnose
Sat Sep 23, 2006 09:47 (XFF:

The responses came as expected, if still slightly less effusive than what she might anticipate from the White Tower. That didn’t necessarily take her aback. The Asha’man’s presence, however, came entirely out of the blue. An Asha’man? In a lesson designated for Soldiers and Dedicated? Myrth had taught at the Black Tower before, yes, and had even taken lessons here when she had worn the banded hems. Never had an Asha’man presented his or her self for tutelage. It was odd.

And, as she gleaned from Asha’man Gentry’s rather frank expression–a tad excessive.

“It’s good to have you all here, and you, too, Asha’man,” she said, dark eyes eyeing Locke in warm placidity. “I will say that you might fare better imploring Asha’man Gentry here for guidance as opposed to me. I can edify you in terms of Healing theory, but, given your inability to see woven weaves of saidar, there’s little that can be done beyond that.” She let out a chiming laugh, polite and demure and appropriate.

“To illumine Gentry’s previous statement,” Myrth said, “the Healing weave and the traditional, ah, ‘killing weave’ are endlessly similar. This killing weave, though capable of stopping the heart, is impractical in most situations, as a simple razor of Air can do as much. The weave nonetheless looks like so.” She had no guilt showcasing this weave; it was the Black Tower, after all. Formed purely of Fire and Spirit, the weave was needlessly complex. It was intrinsically useless when a speedy death was a must, and thus enjoyed rare use–not that Myrth counted herself skilled in these areas, she noted dourly. Gentry was indubitably demonstrating this for the men. “Now, watch what happens when we substitute the Fire for Water and Air.” And so she did. In one rapid move, she plunged the resulting creation into Gentry, grinning. He gave a shudder, but was otherwise unperturbed. “I just Healed him. Healing is the Water-and-Air twin of murder.” It was terribly fascinating, she thought, how life and death were linked by such a narrow line. Alternatively, by just moving and shaping a couple of those threads of Fire, a Healing weave of Fire would be created. Incredible. Absolutely incredible.

Giving a becking motion, Myrth grinned, entering the Infirmary. Again, it was so different from the yellows of the White Tower’s Infirmary. Wood panels and black stone met seamlessly around the room, with the dark parquetry finding a happy medium between them. The Black Tower’s Infirmary had several rooms to it, she knew, and this was merely the foyer; continuing onwards, pressing through a single doorway, the central handling room was found. Occupied cots lined the walls.

“This is the Treatment Room, dubbed so because the majority of cases are handled in here,” Gentry intoned. “Burns, cuts, welts . . . the majority of the inflictions you recruits suffer are Healed here. The conjoining rooms are for more advanced procedures–removing barbed arrows, for example, or stitching severed digits. There are other rooms even still for education of Dedicated in the Healer Track.” Men and women in the familiar black coats went from cot to cot, speaking with the patients tersely before Healing them. It was incredible how many injured recruits there were, and this likely was from the past twenty minutes alone. “There is some backlog, you may notice, due to the high demand for Healers and the, ah, less-than-desired staffing of our Track.” The Yellow Ajah faced the same qualm, lamentably.

Peering about sharply, Gentry spied one cot in particular, gesturing for the rest to follow. Sitting here was a Soldier with shaggy blonde hair. His arm wore a particularly ugly burn, though the wound was comparatively small. Second degree. The recruit was here if only to avoid a scar. Myrth smiled; vanity from a Soldier!

“It is good to see you again, Soldier Delahurst. Delahurst is an Intern, correct?” The Soldier, no older than sixteen, nodded vaguely. “Delahurst is of my own Track, though I’ve instructed him in Healing before. Remember, Soldier, when you practised Delving on the ill old woman?” Again, another nod. “You will be the sick old woman today. We will practise Delving on you.”

Myrth flashed a smile. “Delving in the context of Healing is the act of monitoring the health of a patient. The weave allows one to learn everything relevant–every tiny infliction, from wounds to illnesses to even a runny nose. It’s essential regarding diagnosis and even pathology. The weave is done like so.” Channeling Spirit, Water, and Air, Myrth formed a complex tangle of threads. Delving was almost as complex as Healing, and Healing was like weaving three rugs at once. Myrth plunged the weave into Delhurst. It was sudden, so seemingly tangible–blossoms of awareness rose in her mind. Not only were sirens practically blaring to point out the burn on his arm, but Delhurst was also physically exhausted, and he had a blister on his left heel. “Beautiful.” Once Gentry had demonstrated the weave for the men, he put them to the task.

“In battle, Delving is most often foregone, especially as many wounds are identifiable on sight alone. Even still, it is a useful skill to have. Each of you will perform Delving on Delahurst before I Heal him,” Gentry intoned. “Perform the weave to monitor his health exactly as demonstrated, with Water and Air. More complex variations with other spheres of the Five Powers will come later.”

OOC: It’s time to get Delving! Perform the weave on the Soldier. Fortunately, Delving isn’t directly linked to the Healing Talent, so everyone should be able to do it. If you don’t have Healing, it will likely not be so distinct, but it should work anyway. 400 words minimum! And yes, this is early–I think I got all the joiners I expected and then some. Of course, the lesson is still open for any newcomers. Good luck, and expect the second part in five days to a week!

(Oh, Tsuga . . . because Afailla is a Jack, I'm thinking this can count for her Track Req requirement. She's allowed take a Track Course from any Track, and I could cheat a bit and count this as Field Healing 101 (FIH101). Sound good?)

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