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Go ahead. Delve in.
Sat Sep 23, 2006 18:41 (XFF:

Fheivir looked up as he heard someone mention the difference between a 'killing' weave and a healing one. He disregarded the entire notion when he heard the female, Aes Sedai by her dress, dismiss it as useless and a waste of time and effort. Time is more important than effort, on the battlefield in the least. Fheivir was most interested in quick healing of minor wounds so that his men could get back up and fight, not so they could sit there and waste resources.

Water and Air. Curses. He assumed the emptiness that was familiar to all who'd been at the tower for any length of time. His emotions drifted far away, and he felt somewhat better. How could I forget, healing leaves you that drained. I must have hurt myself pretty bad to be out for so long. Fheivir had some trouble weaving water and air at all, much less for the purposes of delving. Must be another effect of healing.

Fheivir wasn't the first person to step up and try delving, but he was early in the line. He felt his way more easily now that he had tested the waters earlier. Water. Air. Like so. The One Power in him was already back to feeling comfortable, or in the very least as comfortable as it was before his 'break.' Thoughts pushed at the edge of his mind, trying to distract him from his task. Force it. He was feeling much more comfortable.

He could see the burn on the Soldiers body, and some part of his delving told him it was there as well. The Soldier felt horrible, as if he had no energy left. It was hard to identify what exactly that exhaustion was, and what the burn felt like. He pulled the weave out of the body, and felt as though he was missing something in his assessment. Fheivir released Saidin before letting his thoughts flood back to him. He's a Soldier at the Black Tower, of course there's something I missed, there's likely plenty of ailments he has. Not to mention fear of having soldiers and Dedicated practicing on him.

Fheivir stepped back from the boy on the table and waited for the other black clad channelers to try out the new weave. After this I'm going to get some food. I haven't felt this hungry in a long time. He let his thoughts drift while waiting. Healing would be a good Talent to have, but he had no such delusions of having more than his two Talents.

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    • Go ahead. Delve in. — Soldier Fheivir al'Raq, Sat Sep 23 18:41
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