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Isn't this a little invasive?
Sat Sep 23, 2006 18:47 (XFF:

After the introductions had concluded, the two instructors began a demonstration of the various basic weaves. Afailla watched closely, especially when she realized just how similar the life-giving and life-ending weaves were. She certainly didn’t want to kill someone by accident. After this little instructional lecture, their group filed into the Infirmary, and Afailla had to blink a couple of times as her eyes adjusted to the dimmer light indoors. They were all treated to a tour of the building, but it was short enough that no one had time to really get bored before they all gathered around a young Soldier.

Afailla had, of course, seen him around a couple of times, but she had no idea who he was. The Aes Sedai seemed to be familiar with him, though, and the group of students were promptly introduced to him and then shown a rather complex weave. The Sister called it “Delving,” and Afailla could certainly see why. It seemed a rather intrusive way, though she could see how it might be useful for an unconcious or stubborn patient.

”Each of you will perform Delving on Delahurst before I Heal him. Perform the weave to monitor his health exactly as demonstrated, with Water and Air.”

The first to make the attempt was indicated, and Afailla watched intently, as the Soldier chosen was a woman. The weave didn’t look exactly the same as the Aes Sedai’s had, and the woman’s mistakes were pointed out to her and she was forced to do it again until it was perfect. Suddenly being towards the end of the line seemed a lot less irritating than it had moments ago. As first one person, and then another, stepped forward to attempt the weave, Afailla was able to observe their successes and failures, and to better memorize exactly how the weave should look and to puzzle out how best to make it herself.

“You there – your turn.” Afailla started, and then stepped forward herself, Embracing quickly (it was nice to be able to Embrace at will, now; that had taken her several weeks of hard work, not including how she’d struggled to be able to hold the Power under stress). She didn’t rush her weaving, though – Water was one of her weaker elements, though she managed to weave the Air with general ease. She tried and failed a few times, but eventually h it upon the right combination and was permitted to settle the weave over their subject.

She mulled over the information she gained, processing it carefully – the burn was like a giant red flag that she could scarcely overlook. There were a few other, less obvious afflictions he suffered – he was severely fatigued, and had some sort of blemish (she couldn’t quite identify what kind) on one of his heels. His . . . left, she realized after a few moments of consideration. She stepped back into the line and released the Power, waiting patiently for the rest of the students to finish and the lesson to continue.

OOC: Okay, that sounds great! Thanks so much!

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