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Usually Unusual, Universally Speaking
Tue Sep 26, 2006 16:19 (XFF:

It was better. Much better. Locke examined his fallen foe with a quirked eyebrow, noting the small red blot on his face, the burnt-in reminder of his own fist, that would metamorph into a purple-blue splotch, then yellow, then revert into its own again. Bruises were annoying. The young Asha'man flicked his wrist, wringing out the percussive reverb of impact that still trailed idly up and down his bones. It was a crazy stunt, yes, but well timed crazy stunts usually won the day; case in point, he was standing, and Adrien was not. The floored man stirred, swiping a hand to his nose and muttering a curse. He seemed irritated; but amicable to conversation.

"Usually unusual tactics are maneuvers with which to strike when the moment is perfect - anything else will get you killed." Extending a hand, Locke spoke and helped Adrien up. "An unarmed defense against a polearm isn't as difficult as one might think - that doesn't mean it's a wonderful idea, either, but you get the idea." Adrien nodded, still seemingly doubtful that he'd actually been punched out by the skinny black haired teacher, moreover, whilst he was armed with an axe. "Universally speaking, it is only in times of desperation that you should pull something like that out of your repitoire; however, you'll notice that with excellent timing, comes excellent results." He nodded again, listening to Locke's smooth, elegant voice, obviously rehashing the fight in his head, playing it back, seeing things. Seeing everything. His mind serves him well.

"Now, since there is only so much that I can teach you all by myself, and a real battlefield consists of more than two men having at it at their own leisure, I've taken the liberty of arranging yet another ambush." Locke smiled and gestured broadly, all around him. Adrien took up his axe expectantly, eyes alert, narrowed. "These spectators, they aren't spectators. They're going to see if they can kill you." Locke turned his back and raised his hands, then let them fall. The Soldiers and Dedicated assembled in the group all channelled, bringing to bear swords and polearms forged from nothing, all Air and Earth, dark, moody looking weapons. "Remember what we've learned so far. Mean it. Confuse and capitalize. Stay your course. Oh, and, naturally, have fun."

The sound of six men converging on one exploded behind his ears, and Locke wondered how many of them would be hurt badly, when all was said and done. If he has sense, he'll move on the forwardmost charger first, to knock him back into the two behind him. From there.... who knows?


OOC: Having fun yet? XD

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