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Soldier Kandra sur Samarand
Wards are Unpleasant...
Tue Sep 26, 2006 17:25 (XFF:

Kandra followed the others as they formed a circle around Styr again. The man then proceeded to show them different combos to try. ‘Now, I want you to practice combining offences and defenses into combos while keeping your balance. Trust me, it’s harder than it looks.’ Kandra looked apprehensively over at the circles. He would practice a bit before trying one.

Kandra picked up one of the Sickles, and set himself into position. He decided he would try a combo that had suddenly come to him. He leapt forward, swinging his “blade” in a downward motion, that would catch a foe across the right thigh. Then, with a flick of his wrist, he swung upwards diagonally, in a motion that would catch a foe across the chest. Then, without stopping, he brought the blade horizontally through the air, a move that would slice a face off. Or a throat, depending on the person’s size. The combo looked like a backwards Z, something that occurred to Kandra soon after. He decided to try it a few more times, to perfect the technique.

Kandra moved back into position, then went through the movements again. Down, Up, Right. Down, Up, Right. Down, Up, Right. It became almost second nature to do the movements. As he prepared himself for another set, a loud clap sounded from behind him, slightly to the left. Kandra grimaced. Apparently, some people thought they were ready for the circles. Obviously this wasn’t the case.

Kandra went through the forms one last time, then stepped over to the wards. Stepping into one, he looked around. This is crazy! There’s barely any room for me to move! How am I supposed to practice forms in such a confined space?

He carefully brought out the Sickle, practicing basic movements. He didn’t want to overdo it, and cause himself embarrassment. He then started to do the set of three he had come up with, and nearly fell over. He lost his balance while doing the upwards stroke, and he very nearly went out of the ward. Only a last-minute weight shift stopped him from falling forward. As he brought his foot back down, he took a deep breath. Once he had calmed down enough, he went back to practicing his moves again. It seemed that the scare had made him more focused. He managed to go through the combo of three a few times, all without incident. He began to feel confident, almost cocky.

He was just finishing up his slash to the face when Styr called them all in. Kandra smiled. Maybe Styr would compliment him on his skill. Not likely, the man was as sour as a bunch of rotting grapes. Kandra was almost grinning as he stepped out of the circle ward, which was why he was unprepared for the loud BANG! that accompanied leaving. He nearly jumped out of his skin. Some of the others were looking at him, some of the White Tower initiates were laughing at him. He simply ignored them all as he walked along, choosing to not listen than to feel compelled to strike back…

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    • Wards are Unpleasant... — Soldier Kandra sur Samarand, Tue Sep 26 17:25
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