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No one died. That's a good thing, right?
Fri Sep 29, 2006 18:15 (XFF:

Healing. At first glance, it seemed pretty complicated – in fact, it seemed nearly impossible. They began practicing the weave, and Afailla finally settled on trying the Fire and Earth weave. Fire was, after all, her strongest element (never mind that Earth was among her weaker ones). When Myrth Sedai was satisfied with the attempts everyone had made – Afailla knew hers had been pathetic, but she hoped that she would at least be able to heal a cut or scrape and show something for the time she was spending on this.

They were instructed to follow the two full-rankers around the Infirmary and watch as first one of them, and then another, was called forward to attempt a fairly simple Healing. Only a few seemed eager to attempt, but Afailla was fairly sure that those had the Talent – they must have, because their patients actually showed some marked improvement (for the most part). As one person after another came forward to Heal various patients, Afailla began to edit her former assessment of the task’s difficulty. It wasn’t almost impossible, it was impossible. For her, at least.

Her nerves grew increasingly worse as they continued on their circuitous route through the building until finally she was called forward. By this time she had broken out in a cold sweat, nearly exhausted already from practicing the weave so many times while the others put it into practice. She didn’t want to kill anyone, after all.

The patient that the Aes Sedai had chosen for her was, luckily, relatively unhurt. She was suffering from a small cut on her forehead and a few other bruises and scrapes (easy enough to locate with the Delving weave, though Afailla was so jittery that she botched it the first time she tried). With a deep breath, she carefully wove a net of Fire and Earth, doing her best to copy what she’d seen the successful weaves look like. She glanced at Myrth for approval (the woman’s expression didn’t change, though she did look a bit disgusted with her nervousness) before sinking the net into the cut on the woman’s forehead, figuring that it was as good a place to start as easy. The flesh sealed together before her very eyes, though it didn’t heal completely – there was a faint pink mark, like a several-weeks-old cut, but it was a clean heal and probably wouldn’t scar.

Seeing as how this had nearly exhausted her, Afailla was about to ask if she could stop there, but the look on the Aes Sedai’s face warned her against it. Instead, she turned her attention back to her patient, firmly resisting the urge to sigh. She didn’t want to have to repeat the weave every time for each individual small hurt, but Water was essentially her weakest element. Air, however, was among her strongest. She made a few clumsy attempts at assembling the weave before it met the Aes Sedai’s approval. At least it wasn’t too bad (it only took four tries before she met standards). Once again, she repeated the process of sinking the weave into the poor Soldier’s body, feeling immensely sorry for the poor girl as she shuddered visibly.

Once again, Afailla performed the Delving weave, only to find that the second weave had barely worked, if at all. At least it hadn’t made matters worse – her patient was still breathing, thank the Light. Finally, she was allowed to fade back into the group, feeling quite the failure. She quite obviously didn’t have the Talent. But at least no one was dead. That made this a good day, right?

OOC: Man, if only I thought I could get away with letting her accidentally almost-kill the poor girl. Heh; I'm too nice for that, though. ...But it would have been...interesting..... ^_^

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    • No one died. That's a good thing, right? — Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Fri Sep 29 18:15
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