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Forced Down
Mon Oct 2, 2006 11:13 (XFF:

Shayla watched and waited as the others introduced themselves. There were a few familiar faces, but not ones that she was friendly with. The Dedicated surveyed the assembled students, then went on to introduce the lesson. A number of the things said brought a hint of a smile to the woman’s lips. She paid close attention as the Dedicated explained how to balance oneself properly, trying each new thing as discreetly as she was able, shifting her weight to center herself.

Sickle knife...shorter, agile, avoid defenses with it. Shayla took mental notes on everything as the Dedicated explained them, then demonstrated the knife’s use. Sleeve knife: good for defense, large slashes and cuts. Again, the use of the knife was demonstrated to the class.

“Now, make your choices quickly,” the Dedicated said. Shayla waited until after the rush had died down to pick out her knives—one of each, to allow for a maximum of flexibility. She continued to be attentive as the Dedicated picked out a Soldier and used the unfortunate man to demonstrate how to use the knives. So, let’s see…it’s an Upper Block for head strikes, Midriff Block for side and stomach strikes, Dodging—that’s pretty self explanatory—and Forcing to knock an off-balance opponent over.

“Alright, Begin!”

Shayla looked around for a partner, finally pairing up with one of the familiar faces she’d seen earlier, Soldier Gregor al’Matar, if I remember correctly... From what she remembered, the red-headed boy was slightly weaker than herself, at least in thinking ability. The two soldiers found a clear patch of ground on which to practice. Shayla balanced herself, then waited for her partner to do the same—if the lesson was to be learned, it would have to be learned properly. Besides, if he’s weaker here as well, then it’s only fair to give him an equal chance at beating me as the chance that I’ve got at beating him...

There was a moment of silence, then Gregor al’Matar began to cautiously advance on her. I’ll let him attack first...that way, I can get an idea of how good he is....He picked two sleeve knives?...hmph. The other Soldier attacked high, which Shayla blocked easily, but used his other knife to attack her side. She was unable to dodge, and got hit on the side as a result. Ouch. That’ll leave a bruise, she though wryly.

She attacked his midriff as he backed up in preparation for another attack, making contact. Shayla then brought her sleeve around wallop Gregor’s head. He made an admirable block, then maintained the contact as he struck at Shayla’s side again. Shayla twisted he body to the side, dodging the attack. al'Matar pressed his advantage and knocked Shayla to the ground. Her raven hair came out of its customary bun; she stood up, fully intended to teach the other Soldier a lesson for knocking her over. Just as Shayla was getting ready to embrace the Source, the Dedicated in charge stopped the pratice rounds. The boy was saved—for now.


OOC: Sorry it's so late...schoolwork has been taking over this year...

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