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Drilling with Sound
Mon Oct 2, 2006 11:14 (XFF:

“Initiates. Into ranks now.” Shayla jumped at the sound of the Dedicated’s voice—it boomed across the Grounds, almost as loud as thunder. The instructor then proceeded to lecture the participants about some of the scuffles that had occurred. Shayla noticed that a number of her temporary classmates shifted guiltily as the lecture continued. She was trying her hardest to contain her mirth at their discomfort.

“Regardless, we shall continue.” Shayla stood; if the lesson was going to progress now, she would need to concentrate and absorb everything. The Dedicated demonstrated how to use the sickle blade to its full effect, then showed the combo-style attacks used with a sleeve blade. The combo was a quick move, which the Dedicated went through more slowly a second time in order to make sure that everyone saw how it was done.

Shayla nodded to herself, memorizing the move as best as she could. She continued to watch as the man pulled another Dedicated out of the group to demonstrate with. The instructor squared off, and then explained why and how the other Dedicated had been able to hit him. The assembled initiates were then told to practice making combos while maintaining balance. Shayla was thinking about potential combinations when a sound—which was much closer to thunder, or that of fireworks—rang out. She looked around to see a number of small red-outlined circles dotting the Grounds. “Call it a little incentive to work harder,” the Dedicated said with a smile.

Shayla found herself a spot a little ways removed from the rest of the participants and began practicing combo attacks and blocks. High strike...Dodge...Low Strike...Midriff Strike...Dodge, High block, low block, high strike, midriff block, dodge, strike at the head, dodge, force... The Soldier continued in this fashion for a few minutes, and was soon bathed in sweat from the exertion. She watched for a couple minutes as others braved the circles, almost all of them setting off the noise.

The Soldier cautiously approached one of the larger circles, nervous about setting off the noise herself. As she stepped into the circle the bang sounded, much to Shayla’s chagrin. Well, so much for not drawing attention to looks like anyone not in a circle is watching those who are... She began running through the drill she’d put together, carefully and slowly at first, then gaining in speed as the Soldier became more comfortable within the restricted area. High, middle, low, high block, dodge, low, middle block, dodge, strike, strike, dodge, block, strike, block, kick.....I think I am getting the idea of it.She continued her drill for a while, then stopped. I’ll let someone else have a go at trying the combinations within the ring now, she thought as she exited the circle.

Shayla found a place along the fence from which to watch, and leant upon it as she contemplated her knifework. Eventually, she thought, I shall have to experiment with someone...otherwise, I’ll never be able to improve...Perhaps I can practice on some of the other Soldiers—without telling them...heh heh heh.

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