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Soldier Kandra sur Samarand
Battle up high......
Wed Oct 4, 2006 17:07 (XFF:

Kandra looked up at the poles. It certainly looked like a long drop, and he was not too sure just how safe it was. And if Styr really will save us if we fall. He has the look of one that would be happy to see a Soldier fall to his death. Kandra watched as pairs were floated up to the top of the poles, pairs randomly chosen. He wondered who he would be paired with…..

Suddenly, flows of Air picked him up under his shoulders. He felt a rush of air as he rose rapidly, and then he stopped on top of one of the poles. He looked over to the other side of the “course”, and saw another man being deposited atop. The man was as thin as a reed, and his eyes darted to and fro. His hands moved restlessly, as if he was eager to hold something in his hand. A knife perhaps? Kandra watched as two pairs of knives floated up. He grasped the two Sickles, and whirled them around. They felt at home in his hands. He looked over, and smiled as he watched the other man. He has two Sickles too. This is going to be a purely offensive battle.

He hopped over to the next pole, and waited to catch his balance. He did this repeatedly, and headed toward his opponent. The other man was doing the same thing, though he didn’t even need to catch his balance. He hopped with ease, narrowing the distance between them. As the man jumped the last pole between them, he swung. Kandra dodged out of the way, and swung at the man’s back. The man toppled over, but spread his body out so that he caught himself on the poles. As he rose up, he swung with his left blade, in a blow that caught Kandra’s ankle. Kandra’s left leg sagged, and he just managed to catch himself on a nearby pole.

Jumping up, he tried a downward slash. The other man countered it with a block, then tried stabbing Kandra’s midriff. Kandra swung his second blade at the stab, and the other man’s attempt was diverted. With both his arms locked up with the others man’s, Kandra elbowed the man in the chin. The man staggered back, though he managed to keep himself on the poles. The man swung again, a swing that was more of a diversion to catch his breath than anything. Kandra had to lean out of the way, but it was enough. The man lunged at Kandra, not even seeming to notice the precarious drop. Kandra twisted out of the way, throwing his leg out at the same time. The man tripped, and his momentum carried him almost to the edge of the tree perch. He managed to stop himself from going over, but one of his Sickles flew over.

The man got to his feet, and glared at Kandra. His empty hand twitched again, now that it was empty. Rage was painted across the man’s features. Kandra knew he had to end it now, or he was at risk of being torn apart. Kandra lunged, and swung with his left blade. The man parried the strike, but it didn’t matter, Kandra’s right hand was his good hand. Using all his force, he swung at the fellow’s knee. He heard a dull thud as the “blade” made contact, and the man grunted. He twisted around, and tired to catch his balance halfway through, though it was too late. Kandra felt a pang of pity for the man, and felt guilty. He knew there was a net there, all the male channelers could see it, but it came fast enough to knock the man’s breath out.

Kandra was lowered back down to the ground, and handed the two Sickles back to Styr. Moving off a distance, he watched as the next pair was brought up. He felt pride in himself, something he hadn’t felt for a very long time……

OOC: That was a pretty fun lesson, I had fun writing for it!

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