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To Delve into the Crowd...
Fri Oct 6, 2006 16:53 (XFF:

Zander remained slightly bored as he listened to the droning of the pretty little Aes Sedai. He caught the occasional string of words here and there, but for the most part his mind was on other things as she talked on about several things that she assured the pupils were essential. In Zander's experience, what teacher's told their pupil was necessary to know often had quite a bit of lee-way, so he wasn't concerned that he wasn't hearing all of it. He was mainly thinking on what his free time would now be filled with. Before he had used it to rail against the establishment, but now he could not do that anymore he was at a loss as to what to do. He did enough training as it was and he was learning as fast as was humanly possible.

His ears perked up and his head swivelled to the Aes Sedai when she mentioned the weave that would stop a person's heart. His eyes flashed to the Asha'man teacher and he caught the weave just in time to memorize it for future practise. It could certainly come to be most useful to him, given his track. He listened from then onwards.

Perhaps it was a good decision to come here, I’ve learned something already he thought as he watched the Asha'man create the Delving weaves for his memorization.

It was then that the others began to walk forwards and attempt the Delving, one at a time. Zander decided that he would get some practise in before his turn, so he turned his attention to the pupil's in the room. He fancied that he could probably lay the weave on them without them noticing in the main. They were mainly raw recruits. He re-created the razor thin weaves of Air, Spirit and Water. They were by no means his strongest elements, but he was good enough to do the current jobs that required their uses. He shaped the threads, weaving them in an intricate display of twirls and inter-locking spirals. When he was done he softly laid it on a woman across the room. She itched her left shoulder but nothing more. Zander could detect that she had lines of fire across her buttocks, probably from being punished with a cane of some sort.

Zander carried on around the room, laying the weave on as many as he could. Then came his turn. With his earlier practise he was able to create the weave in a few seconds, and he lay it on the man in front of him now. He laid it over than man, and watched it sink in; a glowing network dissolving through his kin till it glistened inside him like veins. He could sense the burn as a tiny, throbbing sensation, and a faint bone-weariness about him. And a tiny, almost imperceptible stab in his ankle. Obviously he was not very skilled, and didn't have the talent of Healing, but he was happy with what he could do....for now. He Stepped back into the group of pupils and returned to his corner, his thoughts once more far away.

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    • To Delve into the Crowd... — Dedicated Zander Kilgas, Fri Oct 6 16:53
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      Fheivir looked up as he heard someone mention the difference between a 'killing' weave and a healing one. He disregarded the entire notion when he heard the female, Aes Sedai by her dress, dismiss it ... more
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