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Feeling the failure.
Sat Oct 7, 2006 11:33 (XFF:

The transition from inside to out caused most of their small group to blink furiously, waiting for their eyes to adjust. When at last she could see again, Afailla stepped out with the rest, trailing after the Aes Sedai and Asha’Man, and formed up with her peers to listen to instructions and try to understand what was expected of her. Afailla had never considered herself to be one to quail at the thought of a challenge, but she was already feeling far too drained after her last attempts at Healing to hold any illusions that she would be able to do much of this. Luckily, she was not chosen as the first Soldier to make an attempt at this exercise, and so she had a little while to rest before, finally, she was singled out. Once she started, though, she immediately wished that she had been able to wait longer.

Rushing from person to person was exhausting in and of itself, but she also had to pour most of her energy and concentration into each respective Healing, and without the Talent (it didn’t take a genius to figure that out, after all the trouble she’d had) it was even more difficult than she had thought. She did manage to find her priorities for the most part, but each of them took so long that she “lost” many of her patients.

She kept hoping that they would take pity on her and let her stop early, but, alas, they didn’t – she was forced to wait out the entire five minutes, doing her best each time. With each failure, she felt increasingly drained, as she did with each success. The truly frustrating thing was when she was in the middle of weaving, and the victim unraveled the Illusion and “died” anyway. Not only was it a waste of time that she could have been using to Heal someone with success, but it used up the same amount of her energy either way.

When at last her time was up, it was all that Afailla could do simply to stagger off of the field and collapse out of the way so that someone else could take their turn. She sincerely hoped that she would never be the only person available to Heal, no matter how minor the situation. If someone’s life had truly rested in her hands today, she didn’t think that she would have been able to save them. It was a sobering thought, but now that she knew her weakness, she might be able to work on it, so that she could at least offer a helping hand. She was a Jack, and that meant that she had to be a woman to fill the gap. No matter what that gap happened to be.

OOC: Kinda short and sucky, I know . . .. Sorry. ^_^

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    • Feeling the failure. — Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Sat Oct 7 11:33
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