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Feeling the Strain...
Sun Oct 8, 2006 14:01 (XFF:

Zander followed the group outside. His mind would normally have been on other things, but the sudden break in the standard routine of the lesson had piqued his interest and he had his full concentration upon the teachers. From experience he had found that sudden changes in the direction of a lesson rarely boded well for the students. It usually indicated some form of gruelling activity that was almost impossible to complete perfectly. As his mind raced in contemplation of what they could possibly have cooked up for this lesson, the truth proved his instincts correct. Zander listened, his full attention upon the teachers now. He filed away all that they said, as he found that for these sorts of occasions it paid to listen.

He filed the order of importance of injuries away in his mind and tried to lodge it in his subconscious, so that when his time came his mind would act instinctively rather than following a rational path. He reasoned that it would be quicker to react instinctively rather than thinking before he 'healed' the 'wounded' men.

This proved to be very true. When Zander's turn came, he began strongly. Confidently he moved from wounded to wounded. He reacted instinctively in the main, ignoring some wounds with a glance and rushing to others just as quickly. He mostly healed the most serious wounds first, but as he channelled another weave after another, his energy levels began to wear down. Half-way through the last minute he lost his first 'patient'. It wasn't a particularly serious wound. It was a cut that he had left too long, so that it became infected. It went down hill form there. His concentration wavered and fractured. He tried desperately to maintain his hold upon it, but it shattered in moments. From then onwards he tried to heal as many as he could, as quickly as he could. But he got his priorities wrong, healing small cuts whilst puncture wounds bled out into the grass. Or the weaves he tried to create had a small flaw that rendered them useless, ad so one more died as he tried to create the healing weave. He only lost five men in total, but as he walked wearily back to the group with a nod of approval from the teachers, he found that he had new respect for any battlefield healers that he had met or would meet. He was disappointed that he had lost anyone in the simulation of a battlefield situation. He had made mistakes in the last 30 seconds, and losing five men in thirty seconds was a hard blow to Zander.

His mind wandered again as he released the Void and sat down on the soft grass, awaiting the end of the lesson.

If healer’s feel like that after just five minutes, then they must be made of iron to survive an entire war’s worth. Assassination is easy by comparison! he thought, his frame of mind turning philosophical as he watched the rest attempt the simulation.

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