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A Mirthful Laugh; A Woman Named Myrth
Mon Oct 9, 2006 14:42 (XFF:

This Aes Sedai was interesting. She had an easy laugh, the kind that was as socially ambiguous as the idle, placating words she directed to him. Still, it was mirthful, and that, in itself, was amusing. Locke laughed as well, though mostly at Gentry than anything. Sometimes it seemed as though that... well, Locke wasn't sure. It seemed like the object of his observations had been placed there specifically for his own amusement; it was a scary and arrogant thing to think, he knew, but still, Gentry provided him with boundless fun, and they'd never even spoken. Just facial expressions. He's a friend of mine. Locke quirked an eyebrow at the weave as demonstrated by Gentry for the men. It was an easy, but complex weave. The threads of each strand that flowed into the greater spiral were intricate and masterful; Locke knew his would be rougher, more tactile and... well, less well made. He could feel it in the tips of his fingers - one of the indications that it would be a strange day. Locke wondered, slipping fingers through his black hair, how much knowledge would be gleaned from this Myrth today, how much everyone here would leave understanding, how much they all could benefit from understanding something such as this. The power of knowing will be given to all those who would listen. That was the most important question. They were all here, but who was really listening?

Locke knew Delahurst, only in passing. Locke tried very hard to know everyone, if only in passing. Lamentably, he was a sharp young man who was prone to accidents when he was doing anything other that Healing; apparently he'd gotten the better of himself yet again, if only just a little. The blonde recruit was seated awkwardly on his cot, looking at Gentry, then the Aes Sedai, and then everyone else, then back to Gentry, following the same pattern set on infinite loop. The class assembled around him, most looking at his arm. Locke looked at his eyes. The boy was confused, and seemed tired. He had been waiting for his treatment long, then - the Healers of the Black Tower were woefully understaffed, a fact that wasn't lost on Locke. Medics were necessary in any Army, and this Army, Locke intended to run. He could not run it without medicinal aids.

The weave was indeterminate. Locke saw it, he could examine it and understand what it was he was supposed to do. Yet, his ability to perform was cloudy. His was a rough and almost garish example, where Gentry's was one of profeciency and tact. Locke tried again and again, and then it was better. Not perfect, but better. He sent into the stand-in old woman, a comparison that the Soldier hadn't liked, and immediately there were klaxons. The arm, the chest. The chest in a different manner, though - he was sagging and stunted; he was exhausted. Something minor was wrong with his foot, as well, maybe his toe; it was small, and mattered not. It seemed almost fuzzy; indistinct. Probably nothing.

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    • A Mirthful Laugh; A Woman Named Myrth — Asha'man Locke Lemain, Mon Oct 9 14:42
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      Fheivir looked up as he heard someone mention the difference between a 'killing' weave and a healing one. He disregarded the entire notion when he heard the female, Aes Sedai by her dress, dismiss it ... more
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