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Beginners Sword
Mon Oct 9, 2006 15:16 (XFF:

Smoothing the lapels of his black coat and wiping the shoulders to free the dust that had accumulated on them, Zander strode from his quarters. Closing the door, he saw that it had begun to crack in places from use and that the leather hinges were beginning to rot due to their exposure to the elements. Sighing at another job that had to be added to the bottom of an increasingly huge list of jobs to be done, he turned and took in the morning view of the Black Tower. He blinked once as the sun entered his eyes, but then his vision cleared and he saw a beautiful panorama. The sun was rising, only half of its orb now above the horizon, and slanting red rays intertwined with an orange hue that dominated the sky. Around him he could see merely a few people getting themselves ready for the rigors of the day. He breathed deeply and let it out slowly. Stretching his tight muscles he jumped down the few steps outside his door and walked briskly towards the Mess Halls.

He picked up a few generously thick slices of bread and smeared fresh butter onto them, before taking his bowl of soup. As he sat down at his usual table, a few of the younger cooks smiled or winked at him, and the older ones waved warmly. They were mostly all female at this time in the morning, the men out doing chores that required their stronger backs. He had become a known face in the Mess Hall, being the only one to come this early. They had all learned his favorite meals and had shared more than one merry conversation with him on the occasions that his mornings were free. But now he had no time free, as he was supposed to be teaching a beginners sword lesson this morning. He wolfed down all of his food, as he knew he would need his strength. And then, smiling at the cooks took his plate to the sinks and grabbed himself a few more slices of fresh loaf. He stuffed them into his mouth as he walked purposefully from the Mess Halls.


And now he was lounging on a largish boulder at the edge of the Practice Yard and awaited the arrival of hi students. Looking at his perch, he fancied that it looked a tiny bit like a wolf in sleeping pose. The sun had warmed it well, and he let its warmth seep through his muscles and bones, loosening them for his lesson. He concentrated and formed the Void. It had become almost easy to hold it indefinitely now, but still took a little concentration to form. He breathed deeply a few times and sprang off of the boulder and on the dusty ground. Gliding wolfishly over to the racks that held the wooden weapons, he took his usual one and flowed into the poses that he had learned by routine of daily practice.

As he was moving strongly from form to form, he became aware that several students had arrived and were watching him. He smiled to himself and let them watch, judging that not all prospective pupils had arrived yet. After a few more minutes, a larger crowd arrived and surrounded him. He stopped in mid-change between poses and let his ‘sword’ fall to his side. Smiling to his pupils, he began the lesson.

“Good morning to you brothers and sisters. My name is Dedicated Zander Kilgas, and it is my task to teach you a bit about the sword today. Some of you know me, and others do not, but I ask that today no one misbehaves. I do so hate punishing anyone,” he said with a sad shake of hid head for show, “now come forward all of you! Gather round and tell me your name and any experience you’ve had with any weapon, and I stress any weapon” he finished with a smile of white mischief and a wink for his students.

OOC: Okay guys and Gals, this is post one! So just get out there and post. 400 words please, about your character getting there and introducing him/herself to Zander, a different kind of teacher ;)

    • Part One: Back To Basics...Dedicated Zander Kilgas, Tue Oct 17 14:49
      Zander listened to his pupils introduce themselves, casually juggling the wooden practise sword in one hand, and a twinkle of merriment in his dark eyes. He knew a few friendly faces, and was happy... more
      • Part Two: A Few Dance Steps...Dedicated Zander Kilgas, Mon Oct 23 18:12
        Zander completed his rounds of the students gathered into rough ranks, inspecting their practise swords and their grips also. He corrected where appropriate, but mostly it was a mere quarter-inch... more
        • StumblingSoldier Kieran (Karen), Sun Nov 12 19:43
          Kieran always had known that his friend Zander was not exactly the sanest person around, but he never knew to what extent that insanity went. As he watched the demonstration with a grin, he finally... more
        • Part Three: A Duel or Two...Dedicated Zander Kilgas, Mon Nov 6 08:43
          Zander glanced around at his, for want of a better word, students. He didn't like the word student, as it implied a dependence on some sort of authority figure, but it was the only way to really... more
          • Credits!!! YayAndy, Mon Nov 13 16:37
            Okay guys and gals, the lesson is over and everyone has posted (almost). And so, without further gilding the lily, here are the credits. Soldier Kieran (Karen) Soldier Evie Holinshed Soldier Kandra... more
          • RevelationsSoldier Kieran (Karen), Sun Nov 12 21:09
            As he was called forward, Kieran couldn't help but feel a bit standoffish, considering that smile and wink that Zander so readily gave him. He did not trust that good-natured grin for two seconds.... more
          • In Life, There Are No WinnersSoldier Evie Holinshed, Sat Nov 11 13:44
            Upon word that what they were supposed to attempt was a duel, Evie turned instinctively to Marietta, only to see that Liang had paired off with her. At that, she soon began scanning about to spy... more
          • Enemies DuelSoldier Kandra sur Samarand, Thu Nov 9 18:41
            Kandra gripped his lathe tighter, looking around as everyone else paired up and found their own corner. He hadn't really made any friends since coming to the Tower, so he felt somewhat left out. His... more
        • Dance StepsSoldier Kandra sur Samarand, Mon Oct 30 17:40
          Kandra watched as Zander demonstrated the poses, and then instructed them to repeat as they had seen. Kandra thought they looked a little foolish, but then again, he had no prior experience with... more
        • Two Left Feet?Soldier Evie Holinshed, Wed Oct 25 19:58
          Evie blinked. Zander was nuts. He was thoroughly, wholly, completely, fully, extensively, sweepingly, absolutely mind-numbingly nuts. She really didn’t have to . . . to do that thing, did she? That... more
      • Cutting MistakesSoldier Kandra sur Samarand, Sun Oct 22 17:43
        Kandra only half listened as Zander explained. For some reason, his thoughts were wandering. He was jolted back to reality when everyone seemed to move as one, towards the rack that housed the... more
      • Getting VolunteeredSoldier Kieran (Karen), Sun Oct 22 16:31
        Kieran gave a wince for show, making others believe that it had actually bothered him, and stunned him to be singled out. Of course, it was just enough to cover his grin. He was glad that Zander had... more
      • Odd One OutSoldier Evie Holinshed, Sat Oct 21 21:17
        Evie could hardly help but wonder whether there was something going on between Zander and Karen. An illicit affair between the two men, mayhap? Not exactly commonplace, no, but not entirely... more
    • Getting CheekySoldier Kieran (Karen), Mon Oct 16 21:33
      Kieran made sure to make an appearance at the lesson that his…acquaintance was teaching. Zander and he had become what others may call friends, but it wasn't practical to think that that relationship ... more
    • A Bite of PorridgeSoldier Evie Holinshed, Sun Oct 15 13:45
      Breakfast left something to be desired. Home in Paedrig Rill, Evie had been ripe with choices. A colourful display of fruits was within arm’s reach, and waffles and butter and foodstuffs of the fried ... more
    • Eager to Begin....Soldier Kandra sur Samarand, Fri Oct 13 16:43
      Kandra walked along towards the practice yards. Through word of mouth he had heard of the Sword lesson planned for today, and he was eager to get there. He pulled his black coat closer to him.... more
    • Tainted FormalitiesSoldier Reyna a'Nesae, Wed Oct 11 20:43
      Reyna yawned, her jaw creaking with the early morning. She was half incoherent as she readied herself for the day. Putting all her things in order before leaving her small room. It was still early,... more
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