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An uncooperative patient
Mon Oct 9, 2006 19:59 (XFF:

Healing, the word sounded off like a chime in Euriv’s head and his apprehension grew to a peak. His hands began to sweat as Myrth Sedai gave her directions on what they were going to do. He pinched himself and the pain very slowly sunk in for something to concentrate on to keep from speaking out. Myrth Sedai’s instructions were simple practice the weave and than try it on some of the patients. What was not simple was the weave that Asha’man Gentry wove. Even as slow as he wove it was still had to follow. Good, I like a challenge he though as he burned the weave into his memory, one thread at a time.

Euriv assumed the Void and seized as little as possible of Saidin to do the weave properly but with out bothering anyone who went before him. Following Asha’man Gentry’s weave in Spirit was easy being that Spirit was his strongest element. Euriv matched it as best he could but it still looked awkward but an inward feeling told him it would get better with practice. Next he wove the threads of Earth to match Gentry’s along side the spirit which was most difficult, due to him only being average in Earth. With that, the weave itself was beginning to take clearer shape but it was not complete. Finally, Euriv substituted Gentry’s Fire for his second strongest element, Water. This went just as smooth as the Earth being that the weave was already two thirds done and he had to weave the water within that which he had already wove. This was just his first time; he would not do it that way again.

One by one patients were visited, delved, and healed, all the while Euriv let his weave collapse so he could reform it. Suddenly, he was snapped from his concentration by a scowling Asha’man who pointed to a Soldier in a cot to his right. Euriv expediently formed a Delving weave as he walked to the man. Upon first glance the Soldier was fine except for looking a little green around the gills from worry. Euriv shoved the Delving weave into the man to feel an acute pressure in the man’s arm, which was slightly concealed by the Soldier’s garb. He moved the man’s arm only to have him wince in pain and try to retract it. Euriv used one of his father’s tricks for uncooperative patients. Using his free hand he jabbed the Soldier slightly to the left of his right arm in a nerve cluster. The man let out a gasp as though the wind had been knocked out of him, his arm ceased to resist and fell limply at his side.

Euriv maneuvered the man’s arm and felt for the source of the pain. His fingers found a bloodstained spot with a nasty splinter sticking out of it. Pulling the barb of wood out quickly, even if the Soldier could not feel it Euriv did care, and exposing a shallow gash Euriv removed his Delving weave and let it fall apart while slowly forming the Healing weave. He drew more of the one power into the weave and gingerly put it in him. The soldier shuddered and gasped as though he had been dipped in freezing waters. He could feel the flesh knitting back together and he could feel himself being drained. Suddenly he could hold out no longer and the healing weave disappeared. Euriv reexamined the wound to see only a slight sore. He looked back at Asha’man Gentry who gave an approving nod and Euriv stepped back to the group still feeling drained but not tired.

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