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Embracing for Evie!
Tue Oct 10, 2006 20:47 (XFF:

Ceto Amaya sometimes wondered if becoming Dedicated should have made her feel different. In some ways, she did feel different… there was more responsibility, more freedom; in general, it felt as if she was trusted more than she had been as a Soldier. But did she feel like a different person? No, not at all.

The battle had changed her temporarily, but its effects overtime hadn't seemed to take much of a hold on her. At first, she'd thought that it had been a permanent change – she had felt so deeply affected by what had transpired, so… disturbed, was that the right word? But gradually, she'd realized that she'd done what she had to do, and nothing more. She had gotten what she'd needed, and how she'd gotten it… well, was it really of any consequence?

She came out of her reverie in time to spot a familiar face. "Jaiden!" she called, grinning as a smile split the tall woman's face. Jaiden Miakoda had been of immense help to Ceto Amaya during the battle, and though said event had long since past, the two had remained close. Jaiden, by this point, was considered by most to be only a step or two away from the rank of Asha'man, but at this particular time she and Ceto Amaya were both of the same rank, and thus had finally forged a sort of friendship between equals rather than just a working relationship between those of different ranks.

"I just wanted to say thank you," Ceto Amaya said, looking up at Jaiden – the woman was far taller than she. "I don't have nightmares anymore."

Jaiden grinned again. "They were in all in your head, anyway… they would have gone sooner or later." She took Ceto Amaya's hand in her own and squeezed it gently before letting go. "I'm glad I was of some help, though."

"Oh, you have no idea." Or maybe Jaiden did. There was an understanding of sorts between them, these days. Some things were known despite the fact that they'd always been left unsaid.

Ceto Amaya looked up at the sky. It was a lovely day – the sky was a clear blue, fringed with wispy clouds at the very edges, and the overall temperature was quite pleasant. A slight wind ruffled her hair, which today hung down her back and around her face in long, straight sheets of black. She had still neglected to cut it, and now it reached nearly to her waist. It was an impractical style, granted, but practicality was not quite as important at the moment as it would have been at any other time. She would not have to go galloping through the mud any time very soon, at any rate… and her hair could always be tied up later.

"I've got to be going," Ceto Amaya said. "Enjoy the day… Light knows how long the weather will stay this way." Jaiden nodded and waved a farewell, and Ceto Amaya went back to her own thoughts.

She didn't know anything of this girl that she was supposed to teach to embrace – just that her name was Evie Holinshed and she had come to the Tower only a day ago. Nevertheless, they'd been assigned a classroom for this particular purpose, and they were both to report to it at a scheduled time. Ceto Amaya had of course been sure to arrive a bit earlier than her student, and was pleased to see, upon entering the room, that she had accomplished this. Light, she had enough trouble getting respect, as it was – people tended not to pay much attention to "cute little girls" – without arriving late to a lesson where she was to teach. She took a seat on the desk and waited.

A few minutes later, the girl – Evie Holinshed, it could be assumed – entered the room. "Take a seat, please," Ceto Amaya said, smiling and gesturing to the desks in front of her. Evie sat down and Ceto Amaya continued. "I am Dedicated Ceto Amaya din Marin, and I'll be teaching you to embrace. Please state your name and country of origin, and then we will begin."

OOC: This is an embracing lesson specifically for Soldier Evie, as stated above, so please don't reply unless you happen to be Mark. *grin*

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