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Intention to Kill
Wed Oct 11, 2006 17:02 (XFF:

Shayla watched in wonder as the Dedicated erected tall, stripped trees. He was clearly using the Power to make the …construct? A large number of trees had been stripped in order to create the thing, but what in the world is it?...hmph. It obviously has something to do with the lesson…I wonder if we have to fight on those, thought Shayla. She didn’t have to wonder for long, as the Dedicated soon explained what they were for.

“Your task is this, ladies and gents: You are to utilize the skills you’ve learnt today to try and knock your opponent from the Poles. If neither of you has completed the task by the time five minutes is up, then you shall both suffer a short drop and a sudden stop.” The majority of the Initiates looked absolutely horrified at the prospect—Shayla laughed, almost mirthlessly, to herself. He must be another Friend of the Dark…we’re probably the only ones in this place with such a sadistic sense of humor. I’ll start keeping an eye on him if I can…this is too good an opportunity to pass up.

The Soldier watched as the pair the Dedicated had floated up fought. Neither of them were really very good, but the mock battle lasted quite a while—almost the entire allotted five minutes. The two Soldiers battled back and forth across the Poles; the battle ended only when one of them overbalanced and fell off his Pole. A couple of the more delicate White Tower Initiates gasped in horror. Shayla’s eyes, on the other hand, were dancing with mirth, even after the unfortunate Soldier had been caught by what Shayla assumed to be a net made of Air. If there’s one thing that I would dearly love to have, ‘twould be the ability the weaves made from saidin. It would make life so much more interesting.

A bunch of other Initiates had fought by the time Shayla was floated up, along with two knives, to the Poles. This feels so…not creepy, because I rather like this, but still, it is a little bit weird. She watched as her opponent was floated up after her—by sheer luck, it was the same red-haired Soldier that she had practiced with. Excellent, she thought maliciously, now I can pay him back, with interest… A very nasty, evil smile crept across Shayla’s face. She waited for the Dedicated’s signal, then immediately moved about five Poles into the field. As usual, she would wait for her opponent to come to her, the sleeve and sickle knives ready for combat.

Similar to their practice bout earlier in the day, Gregor waited for a bit as well, then rushed in to attack. Shayla played the defensive game—withdrawing from Pole to Pole away from the other Soldier. As expected, he soon began to tire of her game and tried to close with her. Prepared for this, Shayla ducked under his first attack—aimed at her head—and slashed deep into his upper left arm. Unlike many of the other Initiates in the lesson, Shayla was not playing to knock her opponent off, but to harm him—knocking him down would simply be a side effect. The female Soldier then retreated quickly by two Poles, and again waited for al’Matar to attack her.

She was baiting him, and he obviously hadn’t realised yet. The boy tried to slash her again, this time across her midriff. Shayla sucked in her gut, sidestepped to the right—Gregor’s left—and then stabbed with the sleeve knife into his side. Gregor gasped, one hand over the wound, and retreated. Shayla let him. Let the idiot think he’s getting away…I’ll give him two seconds, then start on the offensive. She kicked the sickle knife that the Soldier had dropped off the Pole.

Hopping lightly from Pole to Pole, Shayla advanced on her opponent. He looks scared…Good. That makes this almost twice as fun! Her evil smile grew wider as she got closer. al'Matar put his sleeve into a defensive position, evidently too frightened to think of attack. Shayla stood on the Pole opposite him and attacked high with her sickle; the Soldier blocked it with his knife. His eyes widened in surprise as Shayla brought her other knife around to stab at his chest. The boy’s left arm—the wounded, unarmed one—came up reflexively to block her. Shayla’s knife, instead of killing the other Soldier, bit deep into his forearm.

Unable to move away, Gregor was trapped by Shayla’s knives. Shayla exerted force on both blades, causing al’Matar to back up to the very edge of his Pole. She stepped onto it, maintaining pressure, then added more to force the Soldier off his Pole. With nowhere to go, the red-haired boy had no option but to fall. Shayla watched in satisfaction as he landed hard upon the Air net. The malicious smile remained on her face as Healers surrounded the younger Soldier. She had won—and paid the Soldier back for beating her during the practice bout.

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