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Soldier Kandra sur Samarand
Five Minute Run
Thu Oct 12, 2006 17:17 (XFF:

Kandra followed the others outside. It was a nice day, albeit a little cloudy. As the group marched along, they cam upon a group of Soldiers. Kandra guessed they were part of the exercise, and as Asha’man Gentry began to speak, his guess was confirmed. The Soldiers were to act as victims.

“They will simply weave Illusions over certain exposed parts of them. An arm, a bared ankle. . . . When you properly Heal them, they will unravel the Illusion, and the wound will be, for all purposes, Healed. You will find a trick to it, though. There are four kinds of Illusions they will weave over themselves–puncture, gash, burn, cut. If a puncture wound is not Healed in ten seconds, the victim will perish. If a gash is not Healed in twenty seconds, the victim will die, too. Burns give you a window of forty seconds and cuts allow you a minute–because in the damp and dirty of a battlefield, a fatal infection needs no more than that to set in.”

Kandra watched as a few of the others went first. They always did well at first, and then it went downhill from there. Then it was Kandra’s turn to go.

He rushed to the first patient. Even though he had minimal skill in Healing, he managed to Heal the cuts of the first man. He rushed to a man who had a puncture wound. While he did manage to Heal the wound, by the time he got to the next man, he had “died” of his injuries. As the exercise wore on, Kandra’s breathing became labored, and his speed slowly slipped away. As he finished up his five minutes, he had lost only two “patients”. Sitting himself down on the grass, he watched as the next person in line went out and started the exercise. Kandra knew he didn’t have too much skill in Healing, he had simply taken the lesson to learn what he could, so that if the need arose, he would be able to do something .

Kandra watched the next person in line’s progress. The man was doing better than he had, and it annoyed him. As he continued studying the man’s progress, he looked back and analyzed his own attempt. The first man had died because of a gash, while the second of a puncture. While the failures ate at him, he felt just a little pride that he had been able to Heal at least one puncture. But only a little…..

OOC: One day late, but whatever….Just be happy I got it up…..*grins*

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