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Tired, but . . . Excited!
Sun Oct 15, 2006 13:45 (XFF:

On the dawn of her second day within the Black Tower, Evie was woken up . . . in not the most pleasant manner. Strict, abrasive shouts sounded off in the distance, and the recruits were harried from their barracks faster than Evie would have liked. A grey drawn was gravid over the skies as she stepped out into the cold, her breath misting before her. In little more than a black coat, Evie was disgusted how cold she was. How could they look so aloof? How were they so cultivated?

Autumn is an fearful bastard, she remarked, following in due order.

Following the morning announcements, Evie hastened around the Tower. She had not yet learned to use the One Power, to use saidin–or was it saidar?–and her teachers paid no mind to whether or not she ever would! Instead of learning to use the Asha’man’s magic, she was running laps. Running laps to her death. Upon her arrival, Evie had considered herself in passable physical shape, yet this! Again, she was pushed to wondering how they could do this and not die! Smirking faces passed as she jogged parallel to the easternmost wall of this great dark fortress. They saw her exhaustion, and they found it amusing. Autumn was not the only bastard, then!

Spying a woman just a few seconds before her, Evie heightened her speed, watching almost hypnotically as the woman’s heavy dark braid bounced about almost playfully. It contrasted sharply to Evie’s hair, blonde and boyishly short, barring her bangs. In a moment, Evie was jogging next to her. “Is it right that these men can smirk at us so? Light, they’re so cold and callous. Frigid, even.”

“If you need someone to slobber with love over you, buy a bloody puppy.” The female Soldier, she realized, was smirking, too, and began sprinting if only to leave Evie in her wake! Evie slowed to a stop, watching fixedly as the braided woman careened so gracefully away. How could they all be . . . so sterile? It could not be true. Did running quickly iron the life out of you? Was that how it worked, then? How could she–

“Recruit!” came the brazen call of the Asha’man, and panic suffused her wholly. “Pick up the pace!” At once, she felt a whip-like cord of something hard and rigid strike the backs of her ankles, tearing through her britches. Evie jumped, biting through the crimson pain. Turning, she spied the Asha’man in the distance, gesturing sharply for her to continue, but she saw no whip. No weapon. Oh, Light, this place was confusing. Evie sped up, panting sharply for the stitch in her side and the pain so buoyant in her ankles.

Man or woman, it did not matter. They were . . . hard. They were so very hard. She’d wondered if Abram and the few Asha’man she’d seen were black sheep, mayhap, or if there were exceptions to the rule. In her one-and-a-fraction days at the Black Tower . . . she’d yet to locate that exception. Oh, Light. She could stand being bullied and barked around, as she’d expected that, and she wasn’t daunted by the notion that one day she might be like them–like she’d ever allow that!–but if she had to go however long she’d be there without holding a half-decent conversation with a soul, well, she might just go batty. Maybe.

A few hours later, when Evie was bone-tired from head to foot, a square-jawed Asha’man approached her, watching her pant the very life out of herself blandly. When she was finished, the Asha’man simply said, “You’re Soldier Evie?” She gave a quick nod of her head. “Your embracing lesson is scheduled for today. Dedicated Ceto Amaya will be teaching you. Well, get a move on.”

After imploring for directions–Light, but it would take time for her to get used to this bloody Tower–she found the place to which she’d been directed. The classrooms. Anticipation rose inside of her, blossoming to the ends of her toes and the very tips of her fingers. This would be it. This would be the culmination of her training. After this, Evie . . . Evie would be an Asha’man. Well, not yet. A Soldier who could channel, and Asha’man would follow shortly after. When she decided it was time.

Upon entering the classroom, she was surprised to see that this Ceto Amaya . . . was not a man. A woman! And a Sea Folk woman, no less! Her skin was a rich shade of chocolaty brown, coloured with the fresh shade of soft, loamy earth. She was pretty, much prettier than Evie, what with her bloody frustrating anvil of a nose and everything, but at least Evie was somewhat taller. Evie eyed her up, nodding, but she would not pander. Not much. Evie didn’t like authority, no, but if politeness meant she would be taught about matters of the One Power that much sooner, she would deign to do so.

Once the Atha’an Miere Dedicated gave her the cue to act, she seated herself, responding to her questions. “I am Evie Holinshed, and I’m from Andor.” And she silenced that anxious beast within. Light, but if she had to wait half a moment more, she might just burst from the seams!

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