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Seconds an eternity
Sun Oct 15, 2006 19:19 (XFF:

Energy seemed to flow back into him with need despite being drained by the small laceration he healed at the infirmary. As the group was led outside they turned towards the Green where figures could be seen lying placed in no specifying order. Obviously their final test had something to do with this. The Asha’man stopped them in front of a group of Soldiers lying on the ground with “wounds” ranging from cuts to more severe and potentially deadly maladies. All were woven with what looked like intensely complex illusionary weave, which Gentry explained would disappear if healed properly.

This time Euriv was ready and went after only 3 others; the quicker he finished this the faster he could get some rest, because this was getting taxing. As he approached the “patients” he seized Saidin and formed a healing weave. He went for the puncture wounds first being that they had the least time. He didn’t run to each “patient” but still he felt like each one was being spaced further and further apart. Only 2 minutes in and he felt like he had ran around the perimeter of the Black Tower.

He had healed all of the punctures, scratches, burns, and some of the gashes so far, but the healing fatigue was beginning to drain him of his focus; he couldn’t form the weave fast enough to “heal” one of the gashes and the man “died”. One more minute to go and each second of it feeling like an eternity, each movement being slowed to a grueling pace in Euriv’s mind like watching an expensive vase drop to the floor and shatter. His mind liked to do that to him as of late, when he was not even paying attention, the effect was indiscriminate in its timing. Not that it was bad, but in this case it helped a little giving him seemingly more time than he had. All he could do was take solace in the fact he was only feeling a dulled fatigue through the Void and run around healing those he could. Only one other died; a burn left for to long.

Finally the Asha’man called time and Euriv rejoined the group relatively pleased with his own performance, but disappointed nonetheless for even the loss of one man was unacceptable. Even as a Soldier he had to try harder. He pushed the tinge of guilt back from his thoughts and somehow managed to keep a straight back and neck to look at those who went after him.

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