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Having The Talent
Sun Oct 15, 2006 21:52 (XFF:

So…he was supposed to make the Healing weave with his two strongest Elements that weren't Spirit. After thinking about it for a moment, he came to the conclusion that he would be making the Healing weave out of Spirit, Fire and Air. It would be a different combination, but they had said to use his two strongest Elements that weren't Spirit in combination with the weave. It only made the most sense to use Elements that you were strong in if you needed endurance, rather than working with Elements that you might be less than proficient with. Keeping how the weave was created in mind, he began forming, if a bit slowly, the Healing weave.

It was very tedious, and when Kieran finally finished, the weave did not look quite as the one demonstrated had. He let that weave dissipate, and then began working on it again. It went a little faster this time, and things seemed to be going into place like they should. He finished, and observed the weave, but thought that he saw a few strands that weren't quite in alignment. He started over again, and finally, when he finished this third try, it appeared to be correct. Kieran got a partner to try the weave on, and their slight shudder gave Kieran the belief that he had probably made the weave correctly. He was ready for his patient. At least, he hoped he was.

The group began its journey through the Infirmary, and the Aes Sedai chose random students to Delve, and Heal, those on the cots. Kieran watched as each of the students performed the Delving and Healing weaves, even if he could only see the effects, rather than the weaves, and waited for his turn to come. The next cot they came to, his name was called, and he went over to the bedside. It was a fellow Soldier, and there was a tear in his tunic, that showed a small yet nasty cut underneath. Even with this clue as to what was ailing the Soldier, Kieran formed, and then placed, a Delving weave into the young man.

Indicators went off like little red suns, not only towards the cut, but there was also some bruising that was most likely caused by the tussle that caused the cut. Noting this, Kieran took away the Delving weave, and began forming the Healing weave to place over the bruising and the cut. Once he finished the weave, he let it sink into the Soldier, Healing him. With that, Kieran was done, and more than sure that he had the Talent of Healing.

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    • Power StruggleSoldier Shayla al'Cazor, Thu Oct 19 15:16
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      Locke examined the delving dummy as he left the Infirmary as quickly as he could, in his tingly, perturbed state. It was humorous, if for all the wrong reasons. Well, not all. Most. Shifting his eyes ... more
    • Having The Talent — Soldier Kieran (Karen), Sun Oct 15 21:52
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    • Let's get him out of there earlySoldier Fheivir al'Raq, Tue Oct 3 11:55
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    • No one died. That's a good thing, right?Soldier Afailla Dafrin, Fri Sep 29 18:15
      Healing. At first glance, it seemed pretty complicated – in fact, it seemed nearly impossible. They began practicing the weave, and Afailla finally settled on trying the Fire and Earth weave. Fire... more
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