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Part One: Back To Basics...
Tue Oct 17, 2006 14:49 (XFF:,

Zander listened to his pupils introduce themselves, casually juggling the wooden practise sword in one hand, and a twinkle of merriment in his dark eyes. He knew a few friendly faces, and was happy that he was going to teach them something that may extend their lives. Rey in particular he smiled at for a little while. In truth he could have laughed himself hoarse. He was always one for grand gestures, but the one that his friend Kieran had given was enough to make Zander weep with the chuckles. He could still remember that night, and the horrendous morning afterwards. He looked Kieran in the eyes and winked slightly as the man took a step back after his introduction. He sighed and took centre stage of the lesson once more, a smile on his lips.

"Karen, Karen, Karen, you are a troublesome one aren't you? Well, I guess that has just volunteered you for a certain position later on in today's lesson.” he said with a broad smile and a shake of his head, "makes it easier for me too, so I thank you. But you will have to wait and see what you will be doing. I promise you it will be fun however, so don't worry too much" he finished with a silent chuckle. If the man knew Zander at all, then he knew that a little bit of fun in Zander's book was seldom wholly safe. But Zander fancied that his friend would like the surprise when it came.

"Now," he raised his voice so everyone could hear him, "I will begin to teach you. But first, to keep you all from stabbing yourself in the foot, I suppose I will have to tell you that yes, the pointy end is the blade, and you hold the sword by the other end, which is comprised of the hilt, and the cross-guard. So, now that you all know precisely which end to hold the weapon by, I would like you to go and select a wooden practise sword from the rack." he finished with a grand sweep of his arms towards the many racks of weapons in the area. His speech had brought a few chuckles, which Zander found endearing. He always liked his students to feel at ease with him, able to ask him any questions. Otherwise they became robots, and ultimately would die surrounded by regulations. He knew from experience that to survive, you needed to adapt, which is why he tried to instil it in others step by step.

When they had all returned with a chosen stave, he walked around and inspected their choices. He shook his head over most of them. Some of them had got it right out of sheer luck, but mostly they had picked precisely the wrong practise staves. Walking out in front of them once more, he began to teach. "Now, the majority of you have picked poorly, which is understandable, so don't feel disheartened. You should never pick a weapon that you are going to use unless you inspect it first. It could mean life or death in a tough situation. I saw many of you just walk up to the racks and pick one at random. A bad move. A sword should always be the length of your own arm, as exact as you can get it, at least. It should be as balanced as you can get it, and you should be able to comfortably fit both hands onto the hilt. Also, take into account that everyone's hands are different sizes. It is no good picking a stave whose grip you can barely get your fingers to close around. Now, go pick again, and I will inspect you once more when you are back. And take your time. If you're going to invest your life to this weapon you are damn well going to learn how to use it, or I will quit as a teacher. And I do so love to teach" he said with feigned pride. That brought a few smiles, and they were off again.

Zander leaned his practise sword against his boulder and stood with hands in his pockets, awaiting their re-assembly. Once they had all chosen once more, he did the rounds and was well pleased with his students. They had listened and chosen well.

"Well done my brilliant pupils!" he proclaimed with honest pride, "you have chosen well, and not one of you got it wrong this time. And, so now we move on to the only other basic thing you really need to know. How to hold the damn thing! Now, watch how I am holding it." he said, picking up his sword and giving it a twirl before settling it in his hands loosely, "My writing hand, and thus the more controlling hand is at the top of the hilt, just below the cross-guard. My fingers and thumb positioned like so. And my less controlling hand, my left hand, is placed just behind that, practically touching my left thumb and the fleshy part of my right palm. Now you try it, and I will correct you where appropriate" Zander ordered, putting his practise sword down once more and beginning his rounds.

OOC: Okay! Lesson underway. 400 words once more friends, describing the getting of the first stave, the second attempt and then the holding of the stave. Zander will probably have to correct you all on the holding part, so go ahead and write in some little, friendly pointer Zander has for you. Zander's there to help after all;) And Tanya, Karen is going to have so much fun later on *grins suspiciously*

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    • Part One: Back To Basics...Dedicated Zander Kilgas, Tue Oct 17 14:49
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