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Broken Skin
Wed Oct 18, 2006 09:46 (XFF:,

Locke examined the delving dummy as he left the Infirmary as quickly as he could, in his tingly, perturbed state. It was humorous, if for all the wrong reasons. Well, not all. Most. Shifting his eyes back to Gentry and Mirth, he remained silent for the entirety of her explaination. Gray and white eyes fixated on her face, her features. She was an interesting thing to look at, while she talked of something she knew well. Locke wondered, idly, whether or not she'd maintain that same kind of poise and eloquence if asked to instruct a lesson on something she was less familiar with. Spirit, Fire, and Earth. Locke smiled, his three most powerful elements listed in his head, in accordance with the order issued to list them as such. This might be interesting.

Maladies of the heart, it seemed, would be his order of business today. Well, not really. It would be foolhardy and dangerous, stupid, even, to attempt something so complicated just for training purposes, just because his skills in the Power fit the bill. Locke frowned. Should I be a general, or a spirit healer? A secretive smirk. Without question, the former. It was unfortunate, Locke thought, that his abilities would make him near useless for the good of his men on the field, Water being his weakest element. Air, he had. His power in saidin was a study in rapid downward freefall; Spirit and Fire were given to him in insane amounts, to such an extent that they were probably part of his soul. Earth was middling, Air was less than middling, and Water... well, he could wash his clothes. I won't be able to heal any soldiers in the midst of combat. He sighed. That's what he'd hoped.

The wound in front of him was a simplistic slash of small stature, across the Soldier's left cheek. He'd been shown up in the latest dagger lesson, it seemed. That, or he got into it with a bird of prey. Or fell into a sword rack. "Zander showed you a thing or two, no?" Locke smiled.

"...It wasn't Zander, Asha'man. It was in his lesson, though." The boy was redheaded, bronzed. His green eyes were annoyed, and his breathing had changed since the mention of Zander. He's angry he got beaten. Locke smiled, delving into his new learning tool as gently as he could manage. He shuddered and wrinkled his nose. Immediately Locke could sense the burning impurities in the boy's cheek. Aside from that, there was a bruise on his chest and left floating rib - he was tired, and something small was irritating his neck. Too small for him to know specifically; Locke examined it more closrly, but without any luck. Meh. He formed the weave as Gentry had demonstrated. It was rough and shaky, not nearly as perfect as the demo. Locke let it die and reformed it, studying his own weaves as they came into being, scrutinizing and reworking, molding it. He sent the weave into the redheaded Soldier's chest, pushing the Spirit and Air and Water into the cut on his cheek, watching it diminish in size. Slowly.

Locke could feel himself starting to sweat. Starting to burn. He didn't have the talent, that's for sure. The new pink skin that flecked across the gash seemed to scrawl into old flesh. It was strange, and Locke smiled in spite of himself just looking at it. New life on a very, very small scale. Nothing else in the Soldier changed - the exhaustion was too deep seated for him to change at all, and his neck, well, he hadn't focused enough, or brought enough power to the party to actually fix it. The bruises on his chest and side had diminished, however, though they weren't gone.

"Get to stepping, Soldier. I venture to guess you'll be more careful to avoid barehanded combination strikes to the chest to set you up for a killing blow, next time you spar." Locke watched the redhead go, and was amazed to find himself almost totally drained. This Healing stuff is tough business.

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