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Soldier Shayla al'Cazor
Thu Oct 19, 2006 15:18 (XFF:,

Shayla was beginning to feel exhausted—building a weave as complicated as the Healing weave three times in less than a day was quite tiring. As the lesson moved out of the Infirmary and onto the Green, the Soldier turned her thought to the task ahead. I wonder what we’re doing now…we’ve covered Delving, and Healing…and we just used both weaves…what’re the Asha’man and Aes Sedai planning for us? When everyone had come to a stop at the Green, Shayla, along with some of the other recruits, noticed a number of Soldiers lying on the ground. The Asha’man soon explained their purpose, along with what the recruits would be doing.

What?!...lovely, just lovely….So, essentially, we’re just wasting energy Healing wounds that don’t exist and that regenerate….Why must we Soldiers be consistently plagued with useless exercises in futility? Asha’man would probably say that it builds character….hmph. Shayla blew an imaginary raspberry at the imaginary Asha’man to show what she thought of the response, then returned her attention to the Aes Sedai and Asha’man who were teaching the lesson.

“Each individual’s trial will last five minutes, and in that five minutes, you want as few recruits to perish as possible. When one of the victims has decided that you’ve waited too long to Heal their particular malady, they will unravel the Illusions themselves, and that will count for a death. Understood?” asked Myrth Sedai. Shayla was not the first chosen for the trial, nor the second, nor third. Some of the early recruits did fairly well in their trials, with a minimum of casualties. Well, at least even those of us who cannot Heal properly have an equal chance of Healing everyone…but what would happen if the Soldiers who are pretending forget to remove the Illusion after a “wound” has been Healed? Will it count as an unHealed casualty?...why do I care?...I don’t even know why I’m worrying about this, the point is that I’m learning…

After some twenty-five minutes, the Aes Sedai asked Shayla to take part in her trial. Shayla stood by the nearest “wounded” Soldier and waited for permission to begin her trial. It was given—she had five minutes to Heal as much as possible. The first Soldier had Illusioned three “wounds” onto himself. I don’t have enough time to Heal each victim’s individual wounds…but I don’t know if I can make the weave with Water instead of Fire…I guess I shall have to try my best. Shayla embraced and channeled Spirit, Fire, and Air into the intricate loops of the Healing weave. She shoved her weave into the Soldier, aiming for the first wound—a puncture by the look of it. She manipulated the weave around to the burn present on the Soldier’s leg, and from there to another burn on his face. As the Soldier on the ground felt the weave pass through each wound, he unwound the Illusions.

Shayla moved through two other Soldiers with one of them “dying” from his wounds. She returned to the first Soldier, who had “died” and re-“wounded” himself while she was Healing the other two. The Soldier’s new “wounds” were more serious than the ones which Shayla had Healed the first time around. I don’t think I have much time left…perhaps only a minute or less… Shayla hurriedly built a new Healing weave, hoping to be able to “Heal” at least some of the new “wounds”. The weave complete, Shayla plunged it into the Soldier. He gasped—she hoped not from pain—shuddered, and then lay still. Shayla recoiled from the man in horror—she had killed him!

But how? Why did my weave kill the Soldier?...I know, or at least I think I know, that the most recent weave included Spirit, Fire, and—blood and ashes! I must have forgotten Air in my haste!... Shayla began to hope—one cannot pray to the Great Lord—fervently that she would not be revealed for what she was. Great Lord of the Dark, please, oh please, don’t let the Black Tower become my deathplace. Please; I promise you my very soul to do anything required by the Chosen—just don’t let me die. Shayla walked away from the group towards the lake—she wanted to be alone in her misery, certain that some form of punishment would result.


OOC: Horrible, isn't it? I feel like there needs to be some sort of follow to this, I just don't know what. I think this is the first time that Shayla's killed someone accidently too...well, this certainly makes her life more interesting...:P

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