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Odd One Out
Sat Oct 21, 2006 21:17 (XFF:,

Evie could hardly help but wonder whether there was something going on between Zander and Karen. An illicit affair between the two men, mayhap? Not exactly commonplace, no, but not entirely exceptional. They certainly did appear to be especially close, at least. In spite of what might be transpiring between the two men, Zander really did present himself as a breath of fresh air, to use the common metaphor. He was decidedly unique among the Dedicated, granted her experience with them. Abram had been as stale as crusty old bread.

As the Dedicated spoke, quiet murmurs were shared among the four young women. There was Marietta, yes, red-haired and solid among them, and three others. She saw two deceptively similar Borderlanders, for their black hair and blue eyes could almost place them as sisters, as well as a tall, rangy woman of . . . Altaran descent, Evie would suppose. She wasn’t the most adept in placing races, considering how she’d been walled up in Paedrig Rill for the entirety of her life, but Altara fit the aquiline nose, and the brown hair with brown eyes to match deftly fit the description.

“Marietta do’Druthery a’Islick. I’m competent in the bow and quarterstaff.”

“I’m Liang Yerodin, and I’ve used the staff, bow, and axe before, but it’s the staff in which I specialize.”

“Kaseko Yerodin, and I can use knives, but not very well.” (So they were sisters?)

“You can call me Carley Macadrian. I’ve used the sword before. Only fleetingly. I’ve used to greater lengths the bow, staff, and axe.”

And the Dedicated sent the lot of them forth to find lathes. It seemed fairly routine, at least, and Evie didn’t put much thought into her selection. Light, but Abram hadn’t exactly put a lot of thought into the sword she’d used, eh? She rolled her eyes. The man had just selected the first thing lying about. And so she selected the first one she spotted, too, narrowly dodging being shoved aside by . . . Carley, she thought it was. Light, but that Soldier was like a bloody little bee, zipping about so. She wore a mop of curly brown locks, and her face had a rather pinched expression.

Soon thereafter, however, Evie was quickly edified regarding the foolishness of her decision-making processes . . . or lack thereof. In fact, looking around, Evie spotted that Carley was the only one of Marietta’s friends to have properly selected. The woman wore a self-assured smile. And so Evie trailed behind Marietta, Liang, and Kaseko, all of whom were continually conversing in hushed tones. Again, Evie was the odd one out. She did not sigh, nor did she place pity upon herself. Oh, she felt something further: the earnest desire to be one with these girls, to be part of this clique, but it was some bout of helplessness that seized her. She could. If anyone had skill enough to make that notion a reality, it was Evie. And she would.

For now, thought, she had some swordplay to do. After choosing another lathe (Light, what was stopping the silly Dedicated from telling them how to do it properly in the first place?) she began working with her grip, following the directions of Zander mixed fluidly in with what instruction Abram had bequeathed upon her.

“Your hands are too far apart, dear Soldier!” And so he helped to amend her grip, and Evie smiled. She liked Zander’s instruction far better than Abram’s. The other man . . . well, in spite of what the other man had been like, Zander made this fun. And she rather liked the sword for him doing so.

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