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Part Two: A Few Dance Steps...
Mon Oct 23, 2006 18:12 (XFF:,

Zander completed his rounds of the students gathered into rough ranks, inspecting their practise swords and their grips also. He corrected where appropriate, but mostly it was a mere quarter-inch shift of a hand, or a small rotation around the grip. This pleased Zander immensely, as it meant that he had the attention of his pupils, and that they were actually listening to his instructions and were carrying them out well. If they had been merely half-listening to him, he would have had to severely correct them, but as it was, some of them had got it right first time. Kieran of course had, he had been taught these basics by Zander in their little duel not a month gone by. He plastered an amused smile in his face and walked through their ranks, to the front of the class once more. He picked up his own practise sword and took a breath before launching into the next part of the lesson.

"Okay! You know how to know a sword now, which is surprisingly more than most common soldiers know. They tend to be conscripted into the armies and given only rudimentary training in discipline rather than weapons training as it were. However, a Trolloc could tear you apart for dinner, and we don't want that to happen, do we? That would just be embarrassing. I mean, a Trolloc? Come on!" he said with a little chuckle, "And so, I am going to show you a few little moves with the sword. Well, I say moves; it's actually part of that little routine that you saw me going through before the lesson began. Now, it may make you look silly, but I would rather you look silly now, than on a battlefield with a sword in your belly, because that kind of thing can really harm your reputation as a fighter." He walked out in front of everyone and took his practise sword in his grip.

He took his place and motioned for them to watch and take his lead. He had decided to only teach them four of the positions and flow-between motions for this lesson. He began by taking a high guard, balancing on his right foot, on the balls of his foot actually, and the left leg tucked up so that the base of his foot was touching his right kneecap. His blade was held above his head, arrow straight and steady, ready to come down in a swooping attack from up high. He then moved forward onto his left foot, bringing the sword down as he did, in a sweeping arc that would have slashed a man from the top of one shoulder to the hip. He ended up with his left foot extended in front of his right foot, the sword held pointing towards his left ankle, loose and ready to use. Next he slashed across the stomach of another assailant, ducking under the imaginary blade as he did so, bringing his feet together after the side-step to the right. His sword ended up pointing straight up on the right hand side of his body, his arms forming a horizontal line across his abdomen. Thirdly he brought the sword across in an almost horizontal chop to block a blade, and slid it down the imaginary blade to plunge into the chest of his attacker. After this move his right foot was a step forward and only his right hand held the sword in place in the air. Lastly, he rolled to his left, cutting a rough semi-circle across the dirt as he came up behind the last attacker on one knee and gave a vertical slash into their groin.

Getting up he was pretty confident that it would take a few tries for them to do it correctly, but if they could master it at speed, there would be pretty much any eventuality that they could counter. He smiled at their dazed looks and spread his arms wide.

"You will need space to do this right, so each of you find your own area to do this in. And I will come and correct you as you go through the little dance motions. Believe me, they will help, with both fluid motion and reaction times, which are in fact half of swordplay really" he finished with a little chuckle for himself.

OOC: I know this is unorthadox, but I decided to do it anyways. It would help in the real world, and plus Zander likes to teach every pupil a bit of his own special routine, no matter what the lesson is *grins* 400 words again plaese. Have fun!

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