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Dedicated Ceto Amaya din Marin
Part I: Explanations
Tue Oct 24, 2006 17:27 (XFF:,

The girl was polite enough, to be sure, but politeness was a trait ingrained in every recruit, even the very new. Ceto Amaya knew all too well that there was no telling Evie's actual character just yet – those who lived and trained in the Black Tower rarely exposed much of what could be considered their "true selves".

"I'm told that you came here aware of your ability to touch the True Source?" said Ceto Amaya. This statement was confirmed by a nod from Evie. "And I suppose that, though you know enough to have realized that you can channel this Power, you know little about the One Power itself." Evie shook her head. Ceto Amaya took this as a cue to launch into a sort of general explanation of saidar and saidin.

"The True Source is the driving force of our universe, that which turns the Wheel of Time. It is divided into two halves, saidar and saidin. Only men can channel saidin, and only women can channel saidar. Why this is so is just a basic thing of nature – somewhat like how humans cannot breathe underwater and fish cannot live on land.

"What we refer to as 'channeling' is the act of controlling the One Power. In learning to embrace saidar, you will be able, with practice, to use it for whatever purposes you wish. In the White Tower, the newest are gently guided along; here, however, we believe more in… learning through doing, I suppose you could say." Ceto Amaya smiled, but it was not as kind as smile as those that usually crossed her face. "I will teach you to embrace, and from there, you will be expected to do everything with the One Power. For example, you'll cook your meals with it – or eat them cold until you learn to. I suppose things can be harsh at times, but it's the way of this place."

Abruptly, she lapsed back into her explanation of the One Power. "As I mentioned, saidin and saidar are two very different halves of a whole. Saidin, up until recently, was tainted by the touch of what you call the Dark One. Men could not touch it without eventually going mad. Fortunately, this taint was cleansed by Rand al'Thor and Nynaeve al'Meara, using two sa'angreal – devices that amplify the One Power – called the Choedan Kal. The Black Tower had male channelers – only male channelers, in fact –before the taint was cleansed, but now things are more convenient, as without the taint, they tend to stay around a bit longer."

"As for actually embracing saidar… the technique is not difficult, but it can take some getting used to. Common practice is to imagine that you are a flower. Any flower will do; it's not important. Imagine that saidar is the sun. Then, you, a flower, open your petals to the sun, saidar. You must remember that saidar has to be surrendered to – it will not be reached for and grabbed. If you can surrender to saidar, it will fill you.

"A word of warning, however. The One Power is quite addictive, and it is easy to succumb to the temptation to draw on more of it than you can hold. Restraint is important, though, since drawing on too much of saidar can burn you out – destroy your ability to channel – or kill you.

"With that in mind, try to embrace now," Ceto Amaya concluded, smiling. "Remember – imagine that you are a flower, and open your petals to the sun, saidar."

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