Part I: Veritas Vos Liberabit
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It was incredibly peculiar for two bodies to appear in the flesh before him, entering the room to join this lesson of theirs. Lysander accepted it with the most tepid blink. Nonetheless, this was the Black Tower. This was where molten stone ascended from its crustal ceiling, where life-loathing maladies were Healed instantaneously, where warriors of greater proficiency than any this side of the world were born and bred. The Black Tower defied logic in its most integral manner. He consigned himself to acceptance rather than shock, then.

“Before we begin, I will inundate you with two scraps of information you’ll find endlessly useful here in the Tower. First, show respect. You are inexperienced, and I will not waste time and energy to chastise you for this, but you always pay due respect to a superior with either a bow or a salute. Whether Dedicated or Asha’man, your superordinates demand this. Second, and I look unto you, Soldier Darius, as I say this: listen. Listen to your instructions. I asked you to give me your name, your city and country of origin, and whether you have touched the True Source, just as Soldiers Salruoth and Mikel did. Your complete life story, though interesting to some passing bloke who hasn’t an agenda, mayhap, has no purpose here. The first offence is excusable, but refusing to listen is passably foolish.”

Returning to where he stood behind the desk, for the two arrivals had caused him to stroll out of his way, Lysander peered at the three initiates. They would be educated. “As I was saying to Soldier Darius before you arrived, you are currently Soldiers; from there, you will progress to the ranks of Dedicated and Asha’man in your training. You will learn of weapons and the Power in your time here, and be driven short of death. For some who come to the Black Tower, they will be driven to death.

“Now, however, I will educate you in the Power. Put simply, the Wheel of Time turns, spinning out threads of life that form the complexity of the Pattern. The driving force of this Wheel is known as the True Source, and it is from this wellspring that the One Power, the energy men and women alike harness to perform otherwise impossible feats, is drawn. The One Power is divided two ways: into saidar and saidin. The latter is the sphere used by men and men alone. To access saidin is to seize it, and the objective of today is for you to accomplish that very feat.”

What was the energy that shackled the room? Was it of awe? Were they bound by excitement? Maybe. To none, at least, this should seem mundane. One one-hundredth of the world had the ability to use the One Power, and even less–oh, lamentably less, yes–would have the opportunity to be formally educated therein. This was not a treat. This was an epiphany.

“The One Power is as caustic as it is awesome. I imbue you all with warning, then: be careful. Draw no more of the One Power than absolutely necessary. It is an addictive substance, and though navigating it can be like being swallowed under tidal waves of fire and ice, the distinct thrill of it enamours too many. Be careful. To draw too much is to burn oneself out–that is, to bar one from accessing it further–or to kill. Heed these.

“Your training, however, will illuminate you not only in matters of the Power, but in your placement in the Tower. I am speaking of Tracks. Tracks are areas of specialty within the Black Tower. You can choose to become an Officer, an Ambassador, an Assassin or Spy, a Healer, or a Jack of all Trades. In brevity, Officers engage in combat, Ambassadors deal with treaties and negotiations on behalf of the Tower, Assassins and Spies are more prone to cloak and dagger efforts, Healers Heal, and Jacks of all Trades have cleaved their own path in the Black Tower. Before becoming M’Hael, I specialized in being an Officer.” They did not and would not know that he was lying, suffice to say. He was an Assassin. This information belonged to few, and certainly not to Soldiers. “You’ll find one or two of these Tracks initially appealing, likely, though your range of skills usually determines how well you’ll do in each Track.”

The air was touched by a pause. “If you have any questions, Soldiers,” he murmured, “I suggest you voice them now. There is a plethora of topics to cover, and I simply cannot speak all to you in this lesson. Once I am finished answering your questions, well, you will be educated further. And channeling men will be made of you.”

OOC: Okay, okay . . . *grins* I’m asking for 300 words as a minimum (Lysander’s words don’t count to this) describing your character learning and reflecting on what’s being said. This is a life-changing moment, after all! Once you’ve done this, think up some question to randomly ask, and I’ll reply in the next post–and you’ll all seize saidin, too. :D

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    • Completion!Mark, Thu Nov 16 20:30
      Yaaaay! *grins* Thanks for participating, folks. Credits to: Soldier Carasal Soldier Darius Soldier Mikel Soldier Salruoth And, of course, Soldier Rune has an extension. I'm just that nice. Or... more
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      • SpiritDarius al'Ceer, Thu Nov 9 22:41
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    • Part I: Veritas Vos LiberabitM'Hael Lysander, Wed Oct 25 12:34
      • First ImpressionsSoldier Carasal, Mon Nov 6 18:10
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        Darius glanced out of the corner of his eyes at the other recruits. They both looked nervous, and he felt likewise. He payed exquisite attention to the M’hael as he began speaking. He looked... more
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