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Two Left Feet?
Wed Oct 25, 2006 19:58 (XFF:,

Evie blinked. Zander was nuts. He was thoroughly, wholly, completely, fully, extensively, sweepingly, absolutely mind-numbingly nuts. She really didn’t have to . . . to do that thing, did she? That commando spy leaping spinny sword-swinging . . . thing? She was breathless in her surprise, peering through the corners of her eyes at her other recruits. Abram had told her of . . . of forms. Of forms and stances and disciplines. Where under the Light did pantomiming like brainlessly children fit into the equation of becoming a Blademaster, then?

Gazing out of her peripheral vision, Evie spied the others sharing her apparent level of surprise. Most of them, at least. Kaseko, the junior of the two Kandori sisters, was giggling under her breath. The girl could hardly be more than a year younger than Evie, though her amusement would certainly convey something further.

“He looked like a loon doing that,” Kaseko pointed out, smiling. “Like a big old pin-wearing loon.”

“But that didn’t exactly make sense, did it?” Liang intoned breathlessly. “You’d think he’d be teaching us to defend against individual attacks, not, well, everything at once, right?”

Kaseko grinned. “Oh, I don’t know. It was silly, but I could see it working.”

“That’s because you’re an idiot, Kassie. If something tried to take you from behind, would cutting blindly in front of you help anything? Of course not.”

“Well, I mean, the roll would get you right out of there.”

“So would a sword form! An all-purpose, every-situation assault like that–it’s just so idiotic.”

Scoffing, Kaseko said, “Well, you know, maybe it’s just that you’re too idiotic–”

“Oh, for the Light’s sake, will the two of you just shut up?” Marietta murmured, tossing back her hair. She had already squared off an invisible section specifically for her, attempting to run through the motions as outlined by the Dedicated. She was certainly having a time of it. Zander was there to correct her at once, illuminating her in matters of chopping horizontally and pointing the sword aimlessly where the woman most certainly was not. Kaseko was suddenly subdued by a fit of giggles, in which time Marietta shot her a “well-at-least-I’m-trying” look.

And Evie would join her. She attempted to follow through the motions, but she was making little headway. She enjoyed holding the wooden lathe in her hands, really, as it seemed like such strength could be commanded of it, but this little dance seemed so silly. Mimicking blocking a blade in order to gain leverage enough to plunge her weapon into the solar plexus of an opponent, Evie didn’t know if what she was doing was right, though Zander was there to proffer plenty of corrections. For the most part, the class needed it. If anyone was turning out to be proficient, Evie did not notice.

“Lighten up, Carley,” Marietta said, peering at the lanky Altaran. She, too, held the blade with the apparent extension that Evie felt–that it would be of good use–though her cheeks were touched liberally with carmine. “There’s no point in feeling like a fool about it.” Carley had little to say on that line, but the look she shot Marietta was little short of acid. Remembering the woman’s self-assured smirk upon choosing properly before, Evie grinned, putting that much effort into perfecting Zander’s little dance. It was spite, yes, but, Light . . . sometimes spite just felt so good.

He’s still nuts, though. Oh, yes. Very.

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