Darius al'Ceer
So it Begins
Thu Oct 26, 2006 07:59 (XFF:,

Darius glanced out of the corner of his eyes at the other recruits. They both looked nervous, and he felt likewise. He payed exquisite attention to the M’hael as he began speaking. He looked shamefaced when he was chastised for too much information, and wondered if he talked too much. Maybe he was just nervous, and rambled the way nervous people do.

What he did get, however, is that when M’Hael Lysander said that it would be interesting to someone without an agenda, that meant that he had an agenda, and not one he wanted to talk about with lowly Soldiers. Darius decided that watching him would be a good idea when they were close, especially when he heard the part about being driven to death. No use going all that way just to die from extensive training.

Darius blinked. He had never wondered what track he would be in, and he still had no real change of choice. Obviously, he was going to be a Healer, to stop things like his village from ever happening again to anyone anywhere. Also, his Healing assignment might get him out of battle, and he did not want to battle at all, for what use is a Healer that kills?

Thinking on his words about Saidin, Darius wondered if that meant the taint had helped turn the Wheel. Maybe Darius had misunderstood. He also wondered how the Taint had gotten into the One Power in the first place, if the Dark One had done it or if it had always been there from the Dawn of the World.

Nevertheless, Darius was eager to learn. He felt a need to draw the power into himself, and help those who needed it. Of course, this was altruistic, and he knew he would not get training outside unless he took up with the White Tower, or worse, Darkfriends.

Questions... hmm. Darius thought quickly of a few, such as-

“Why does Saidin fight us, and how do we fight it?”

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    • So it Begins — Darius al'Ceer, Thu Oct 26 07:59
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