The Truth Is My Enemy...
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Mikel glanced at Soldier Darius. Apparently, I missed something there. Too bad, I would have enjoyed the man making a fool out of himself. Mikel casually observed the other two. They wore nervous expressions on their faces, and he mimicked them, hoping that nobody noticed the falseness. Better if they think I'm just as nervous as they are. People often become less cautious when a common emotion is revealed. Avron had taught him well, his acting was almost always spot on.

The M'Hael started on about the One Power and Mikel's mind wandered, day-dreaming about all the Power he could wield. These fools! They go on about only being able to draw a certain amount of the One Power. The Great Lord will give me the power to draw an unlimited amount, once I prove myself worthy…

When the M'Hael spoke of Tracks, Mikel stopped listening for a while. He had already decided that he would become an Assassin. His skills would be honed on that path, and he knew he would not hesitate to kill. In fact, he was eager to. Ever since Avron instilled the love of killing in my mind, I just can't seem to stop thinking about it. Maybe I can find some unwary soul to prey upon, to thirst my hunger for another day.

When Mikel started listening again, from the way the M'Hael's tone had an influx of finality, he supposed it was time for something. Only when Soldier Darius asked a question did he realize that it was probably question time. A waste of time. Bah, I'll have to ask a silly question. All I wanted to know was answered long before I got here, nothing this man knows could help me. Better to be on with the lesson though.

"What sort of weapons training will we receive here?"

He hoped that would suffice. He had a general idea, but best to know all than to have holes in his knowledge. Whatever the response, he would have already moved on. I will spin a web of lies, live a false life. I will remain under the name of Mikel, my birth name, until such time as I can discover my true self. Then the world shall know of me wholly. They can never know. I will conceal the truth deeply, hiding it beyond all. My path is set before me, it is ready for the taking. I am bound to destiny. Mikel sat back in his chair, his eyes glistening with ambition.

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