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Salruoth had finished answering the questions, he had survived the first part; he sagged visibly, feeling an uneasy amount of tension lift from him, the 'Void' had dissipated as soon as he felt the weight of M'Hael Lysander's words. Salruoth couldn't help but a small grin form his lips; at least he had answered the question correctly, which was the first step. Listening, Salruoth took a mental note of the M'Hael's words; every fabric of him interested in the voice command those words with such clarity. Salruoth had lived in fright of saidin for years, this was his conclusive lesson; could he control saidin? He felt the fright radiate through his body, his former grin twisting into a frown. He was not just afraid of the M'Hael's words, but of saidin itself, only once had he embrace it. It was wonderful, he felt empowered and joyously happy, yet he realized that the current of saidin slowly began to overwhelm him. Ever since his first time experiencing saidin he had been afraid of it, but he also craved it. Channeling, he realized, was an addiction and within himself he understood to his core that he could not live without saidin.

The M'Hael's words of saidin vanished from his mind as he began to talk of other things, such as the Tracks within the Black Tower. Salruoth listened intently, he had heard very little so far, as he knew only little of Tracks; the length of his knowledge was that he, himself, was an Officer. Salruoth had craved battle since his father died, it was a feeling that clutched at his emotions and caused a watershed reaction, he hunted for a fight. It defined him, now, and since his mother was beyond him now, he had pondered little about anything else. His happiness was fragmented now, the shattered pieces scattering as he realized what he was. M'Hael's words trailed off, as Salruoth was brought back to prior memories of his past. The tumultuous events that had affected his life rolled over in his head and he felt compelled to remember them all. Salruoth's eyes cluttered shut and he brought up the Void, thoughts dispersing as soon as they came, replaced by the endless emptiness.

Salruoth's eyes opened, the voice of the M'Hael rushing back at him. Get back to reality, thought Salruoth ruefully. Salruoth's charcoal black eyes moved to his desk in embarrassment, showing such lack of self-control in class was only insulting himself. His eyes faltered on the desk, momentarily staring at the dull wood, before he turned his eyes back up to study the M'Hael with a meek expression. He would be an Asha'man! He would not let himself be claimed by saidin! Confidence emboldened Salruoth and he retired his body to relaxation, retaining his gaze on the M'Hael. Salruoth found himself nodding to the M'Hael's words, Salruoth understood the point. He knew he'd work hard to obtain reign over saidin, and doing so was indefinitely his greatest challenge it, he had learn the sword forms as a young child, but in comparison to saidin, it was a lack luster claimant.

Excitement curled along Salruoth's spine, his mouth working haplessly as he listened to the M'Hael's words. By the Light, I swear I will learn! Salruoth nodded his head unconsciously, it was a to admonished him of his duty. He was a Shienarian, the Blight was his enemy and by channeling the power, he could aid the plight of Fal Dara and all of the Borderlands. Not yet, but if he practice, if he learned then he could. He would! Salruoth's face was set, his eyes stern and his mouth had ceased its movement. He had to be confident and aware of the dangers. The fear that had previously swept him was gone, replaced by the Void; the Void where as such saidin hid in the back of his mind, like a glimmer upon of the horizon, seemingly close but in reality, far, far away. He had to learn!

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