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Attempt Number, um, Thirty Million?
Sat Oct 28, 2006 12:24 (XFF:,

Evie swallowed the information as though she were taking spoonfuls of difficult yet desired medicine. The Dedicated, her skin varying however minutely from the black threads she wore, explained this all in a confident voice, and Evie was keen on listening. Light, she had to. To listen was to know, and though Evie had never been noticeably diligent in whatever lessons she had taken before her arrival in the Black Tower, she wanted to know this. She did. She was special, and really–who was she to waste such potential?

It was a matter of concentration that helped her absorb these concepts tossed every which way at her. True Source. Two halves. Saidar was her half. Channeling was to control. Addictive and dangerous.

Not tricky at all. Sure.

The technique Dedicated Ceto Amaya described was strangely pacifistic. The One Power was an assertion of raw control. She saw it as a fluxing wave, ambient and powerful. To control this wave by surrendering, well. . . . Evie brushed her blonde bangs from before her eyes. It didn’t make sense. She had beaten her would-be rapist to death. She had lugged a cadaver from the bottom of a bloody lake. She had saved herself from drowning. These things were not weak, and so why was it weakness that would garner the Power’s respect? Evie rolled her eyes. Well, this was certainly making sense.

Nonetheless, she would try it. Doubtful, yes, but she would try it. Maybe the Dedicated was right?

A flower. Right. Well. Closing her eyes, Evie began to cast through thought for the image of the perfect flower. She was not a gardening buff, though, and she’d not grown up with the advent of a mother–a maternal figure whose duty it was to teach her daughters of things like gardening and flowers. Her imagination would have to suffice. In the silence of thought, Evie constructed the perfect plant. It would have plump, weighty petals–broad at the back end, but tapered to a distinct point. It would have rough, fibrous leaves, and firm roots. It would not be picked, but rather admired from afar. And, of course, the petals. Blue? No. Purple. Well, purple-ish. Blue-purple. Indigo. Sure.

And, deepening her breaths, she succumbed to the release of concentration, loosening every muscle of her body where she thought. The room was deathly silent, with hardly the breaths of the other woman interrupting her placidity. Her flower was silent in thought, though it began to open up. Slow, at first, but steadily. It would not be stopped. Evie imagined the warmth of the sun pressing against her skin–nay, her petals, her roots, her fragile, drooping stem–and waited for the light of saidar to seize her.

It did not.

Again she tried. Opening slowly, Evie waited, but the sense of impatience was beginning to well inside of her. “It’s not working,” she said, adding “‘Dedicated’” to the end.

If the Sea Folk woman was perturbed by this, she showed it not. Dedicated Ceto Amaya simply said, “Keep trying. It takes some people longer than others.”

Well, that stung. Slightly. The woman was implying that she was slow, and Evie was not. Smiling in spite of the situation, she tried again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again. And again.

“It’s not working! Did you ever consider that maybe your technique doesn’t work?” Evie spat, standing up. She immediately regretted the outburst, but . . . but this wasn’t how it was supposed to be! She wasn’t supposed to be bad at this! Panic whelmed inside of her. What if she’d been wrong? What if she wasn’t a channeler at all? Light!

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