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Dance Steps
Mon Oct 30, 2006 17:40 (XFF:,

Kandra watched as Zander demonstrated the poses, and then instructed them to repeat as they had seen. Kandra thought they looked a little foolish, but then again, he had no prior experience with swords. He had experience with knives, and his father had started to teach him how to use an axe, but Kandra decided that since knives and axes were completely different from swords, he contented himself with the idea that Zander knew what he was doing.

Kandra turned to his right as he caught the sound of snickering. Standing beside him was the man who had been against him at the end of the knives lesson. The skinny man's black hair was matted on top of his head, his skin pale and his hands were quivering with the anticipation of holding a weapon. Kandra had decided long ago that the man was dangerous, and he had avoided him as best he could.

"And what do you find so funny?" The pale man spun to face him, his beady eyes glaring hatred at Kandra's face. "What I find funny, is that this fool of a teacher is teaching us to dance, rather than giving us a chance to try out our skills."

Kandra sighed. "You really never have anything good to say do you? It's always complaining and whining. This is the Black Tower, learn to live with it."

"Easy for you to say, they treat you nicely. They're always giving me chores, punishing me." The man's voice held an edge of hatred.

"They treat me the same as they do all the others. As for you, you cause so much trouble, it's a wonder they don't send you packing." Kandra supposed that the need for male channelers was too great to risk letting one go, but it could happen.

"Phaw! If that's what you believe… I'm going to try these….poses by myself…see you later Kandra."

Wondering how the man knew his name, Kandra watched him walk off to a corner of the group. Kandra started his poses, beginning by balancing on his right foot, left leg tucked in, blade held high. He then swooped down, swinging the blade, extending his left leg forward, past his right. With his sword held low near his ankle, he paused for breath. He then slashed across, side stepping to the right. His blade ended up pointing skyward. He then brought his blade up to block an imaginary attack, and slid his blade downwards, ending up only in his right hand. Kandra rolled left, and as he was coming up, slashed across.

Standing up, he went through the motions again, as Zander made his rounds. The Dedicated corrected him on a few minor points, then moved on. Kandra almost laughed aloud when Zander told the pasty-faced man he was doing it all wrong. The man glared at him from across the yard, and the grin slid off Kandra's face. He then balanced on his right foot, and started over again…

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    • Dance Steps — Soldier Kandra sur Samarand, Mon Oct 30 17:40
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