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The Six on One Overture
Thu Nov 2, 2006 08:45 (XFF:,

"Now, since there is only so much that I can teach you all by myself, and a real battlefield consists of more than two men having at it at their own leisure," "That might be the first mistake I’ve heard this man make." Adrien mused to himself.

"I've taken the liberty of arranging yet another ambush." Locke smiled and gestured broadly, all around him. In that instant, the entire air of the encounter changed. Where previously it had held an almost jocular, familiar air, as of two childhood mates having sport, it suddenly became charged with dark overtures and deadly intents. The Andoran hefted his battle axe and glanced about, his eyes narrowed. There was a small crowd amassed around he and Locke, but the fact that this was the Black Tower meant that even the apparent lack of weapons was no indication of safety. It was a sea of black coats. Soldiers, Dedicated and even an Asha'man stood vigil. This could get very bad, very quickly.

"These spectators," Locke declared dramatically, "they aren't spectators. They're going to see if they can kill you." Locke turned his back and raised his hands, then let them fall. Instantly, five men and a woman were holding weapons, three had swords, one a halberd, another a spear and one even deigned to wield an axe.

"Remember what we've learned so far." Locke offered from somewhere behind the advancing troops. "Mean it. Confuse and capitalize. Stay your course. Oh, and, naturally, have fun." Adrien didn't allow himself time to consider (until much later) the absurdity of that last comment. Fun!? What sort of fun was there in being outnumbered six to one? He'd been surrounded before, by the Seanchan, and it had been a thoroughly painful experience. He hoped this one would not be as bad…

It all happened in a vacuum. There was no noise, for all that the Sergeant knew combat to be noisy and messy and generally unpleasant. This fight, for him at least, was soundless. They had come at him from all directions, but two (the spear and the longsword) made the mistake of coming from the same direction and falling into line. Noting this fact, Adrien had charged them. When the man with the spear had thrust at his head, Adrien had simply moved his head, ignoring the rush of air as the blade whistled past his head. He spun the head of his axe to that side and chopped through the haft of the weapon. Continuing his charge, the Sergeant lifted his knee into the other mans sternum, feeling his opponent double over and exhale explosively as it hit the mark. Taking hold of the fellow by the throat, the Sergeant then pushed him back into his comrade with the sword. Forced to drop his weapon to keep from impaling his friend, Adrien allowed himself to flash a smile at his foe before turning his attention elsewhere.

The remaining opponents had arranged themselves in a semi-circle, from left to right armed with a curved sword of some sort, then the halberd, double bitted battle axe and finally a rapier. Knowing that any minute he could expect to have the longswordsman and spearman behind him again, Adrien realized just how untenable his situation actually was.

The halberdier stepped forward, the haft of his weapon spinning dizzyingly before the head swept down in a broad overhand blow intended (he was sure) to remove Adrien's head from his shoulders. "Capitalize on movements that are unexpected to your opponent." Was the advice which stood chief amongst all the other that the Asha'man had imparted, so, Adrien took it to heart. Dropping his battle axe, the Sergeant caught the haft of the descending halberd bare handed, then snapped it with a forearm. The wielder looked stunned when the weapon was caught, and slightly awed when it was broken, but that look quickly transmuted into terror when, tossing the head to his strong hand, Adrien Chandonne tossed it right back at him. Stooping momentarily to retrieve his axe, the Sergeant noticed that the head of the weapon had either missed (or more likely) been unwoven. Locke was standing next to the Soldier who was sitting on the ground looking sullen. The Asha'man nodded to Adrien, who returned the gesture, then smoothly parried a rapier thrust.

The rapier and the axe are ill matched weapons, the Sergeant soon learned, and for all his speed with head and haft, he had an impossible task in keeping the point of his foes weapon from his body. Several wounds oozed blood, and the sting was beginning to wear on Adrien's nerves. Suddenly however, the man with the longsword was back, and he pushed the rapier wielder (the only woman in the group) aside. The woman, looking non-plussed, promptly pushed the larger man back, and in that instant, Adrien struck. His battle axe bit deeply into the wrist of the longswordsman, who cried out and dropped his weapon. Wrenching the axe blade free, the Sergeant spun it around his waist and snapped the broad of the head across the side of the mans face, who went down in a heap, his blood staining the grass. A look of shock painted the face of the woman with the rapier, but it contorted into rage as the Sergeant stepped over his fallen opponent. Her thrust was a major over extension and Adrien grabbed her wrist, broke her elbow with a knee, and spun the now useless limb to deposit her on her back an instant before he kicked her into unconsciousness.

At about the same time, a spear head sunk, socket deep, into his left shoulder. Cursing, the Sergeant spun away from the wound, over his right shoulder, gripping his axe in both hands. The spearman had no chance to move when the head of his weapon tore out of the Sergeants back and an axe sunk up under his ribs. The spear unwove, and the man tipped over backward. Adrien was vaguely aware of the Asha’man he had spied in the crowd stepping forward, and he felt the familiar tingle of nearby channeling. All that remained were the curved swordsman and the double bitted axe. They took up positions opposing each other on their intended victims opposing sides, and no matter how he moved, Adrien found himself trapped betwixt them, and bleeding fairly heavily from his torn shoulder. Frantically searching for a solution, the pair suddenly charged, the axe man lifting the weapon over his head, intending clearly to cleave him in two, whilst the curved blade of the others sword appeared positioned for a thrust. In an instant, it snapped clearly into the Sergeants mind. The axe and the sword moved simultaneously, thrusting and falling in rhythm, and Adrien did the only thing he could. He took one step back.

In the aftermath, the human wreckage looked a little sad. The one who got off the best was the fellow who had is own halberd head thrown back at him. He was, aside from his pride, completely uninjured. The woman with the rapier had a sling on her arm and a cotton ball up either nostril, plus two black eyes and a headache. The fellow with the longsword had his wrist bandaged and also in a sling, whilst the fellow with the curved sword had his left shoulder bandaged where the axe of his fellow flew wide of his skull and got hung up on his collarbone. The fellow with the axe mean while had a whole through the left side of his stomach all the way out his back. And the fellow with the spear, well, he had been taken straight to the infirmary. All six of the assailants Locke had tapped would live, no few regretted their decision to help the Asha’man, even if it had been an order. Adrien himself stood off to one side as agents of the Towers infirmary tended to and escorted off the wounded. Adrien’s own myriad manifestations of injury had simply been Healed (though to call that a simple matter does a discredit to the amount of effort, and the Power necessary to do so). He was munching on half a loaf of hot bread brought him by what he guessed amounted to an orderly and he had thanked the man graciously.

He was licking the crumbs and remnants of melted butter off his fingers when Asha’man Locke next approached him...

OOC: John I am ever so sorry for the length of time this took. You know I am usually so much better at this than what I have shown this time, but its been a real up and down trip these last few months let me tell you. Thanks as ever for your time, your effort and most of all for your patience. And to answer your question, yes, I am having fun.

p.s. I hope this suits.

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    It was better. Much better. Locke examined his fallen foe with a quirked eyebrow, noting the small red blot on his face, the burnt-in reminder of his own fist, that would metamorph into a purple-blue ... more
    • The Six on One Overture — Adrien Baptiste-Chandonne, Thu Nov 2 08:45
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