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Part Three: A Duel or Two...
Mon Nov 6, 2006 08:43 (XFF:,

Zander glanced around at his, for want of a better word, students. He didn't like the word student, as it implied a dependence on some sort of authority figure, but it was the only way to really describe them without getting too deep in terms of conversation. A small smile was creeping across his lips, exposing a few tips of his teeth to the sunlight. They were all getting better at the few flowing movements he had shown them, but if they were ever to become more than adequate swordsmen, they would have to practise much more. His keen eyes thought that they could pick out two of his pupils who may one day surpass most of the Black Tower denizens with the sword, but it was too early to tell just yet. All of them had the basic movements right, but they were too jerky to use them in practicality, but they would get better. After all, Zander had been the worst with a sword, and now he was above average, if only slightly. He strode forwards and motioned his free hand high up in the air so that they all could see it. Slowly, one by one, they all paused and finally stopped their movements. Some were panting hard, others seemed stiff, and others still looked as full of energy as ever.

"Now I am sure you are all more than a tiny bit perplexed as to what any of this foolish posing has to do with the art of the sword" Zander announced with a jovial air. It got some nods and some mutters, but these Zander ignored. "And I tell you that they teach you the most important things about it, and that is smooth action and balance. Now, a man may be quicker than me with the sword, but if his movements are jerky and un-balanced, he will always lose, as I will now demonstrate with my good friend Karen here. Come forward Karen, don't be shy. You will have a chance to repeat our little duel" he informed him with a wink and a little smile.

Zander stood at ease, his sword lathe loose in his hands and his stance balanced. Karen hesitantly came to face him, his eyes darting around the crowd of onlookers. When the man was ready, Zander gave the nod and Karen launched his attacks. The man had gotten better since their last duel, but so had Zander, is it seemed to move akin to their previous match, only slightly flashier in places. Zander blocked most of Karen's attacks with ease. The man was still a bit jerky in his movements, which Zander could exploit, but he was that little bit quicker than Zander, and so it took a few more moments of sparring before Zander saw an opening. Karen made a lunge for Zander's solar-plexus with viper-like speed, and Zander swayed to one side, letting the lathe pass barely millimetres from his ribs, and bringing his own lathe up in a sharp slash to the man's stomach, passing under his guard. The man doubled-up slightly, the breath having left his lungs for a period.

"And now you know it for truth," he said, turning to his students, "you saw how he was faster than me, had a longer reach than me. He looked to have the advantages, but his actions were still slightly jerky, meaning that there was a pause after each motion, and when he lunged forward I used those precious few moments to gain a killing blow. If he had been a little smoother in his reactions however, it would have been a different outcome from the one you saw" Zander told the class. He didn't know if they believed him, and in truth he didn't care. They would learn in time.

"Now, all of you find a sparring partner and duel. But as you duel think on what I just told you. Try and adapt as you go along. That is all the advice I can give you at this point in time. Good luck" he said. Karen was trying to slink away now he noticed. "Oh no Karen. I'm afraid you're stuck with me my friend. Now, let's see if we can make a swordsman out of you yet eh?" he said with a warm voice.

This would be interesting. Karen took his place once more, but this time Zander bolted forward to sharply attack. Their lathes crossed and Zander pushed them down so that their faces were almost touching. "I didn't put you down for the sword type man, I thought knives were more you're thing. I know I do the sword, but that's just my cover, and it most certainly isn't part of yours. I checked you see, after you told me that is. It was a good night wasn't it?" he whispered at the man. No one else could have heard. He expected the man to smile, but instead he went very pale and lost his grip on his lathe. Zander looked at him worryingly before picking it back up and giving it back to him. "At least maintain appearances you fool. Come on, let's duel" was the warning he gave as he assaulted him once more.

OOC: Okay, last part people! 400 words once more, with an NPC or with a real partner, it matters not. The lesson is now closed, but extensions will be granted if asked for ;) Don't be shy! And Tanya, have a lot of fun with this one, we can go for an stiff drink or two on the S&D board to calm your nerves afterwards too! *grins*

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