Cultural Fault
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The office was small and cramped, little more than four walls, a desk, and an extremely out of place set of silk tapestries, covered in dust and depicting an epic battle of the red-headed figure which Rune could only assume to be the fabled Lord Dragon. The heavy fabric blocked out the sunlight, depriving Rune of any joy which might have been absorbed in that dismal moment. So there he say, his feet propped against the edge of the cherry-finished desk, his ladder-backed chair pushed back onto it's hind legs with a bored frown and a half-lidded stare.

Blue-painted fingernails drummed upon the black fabric - rough and cheap in it's make - that covered his thigh, his other hand running over the thick blonde stubble which had grown in over the month's journey from Ebou Dar. It was shameful, a disgrace, but with Lelo likely awaiting execution in Ebou Dar and razorblades reserved for more esteemed rank than his own, he would just have to settled for the close-clipped style for now. At least his nails, though clipped short for practicality, still bore the three splotches of color that signified his proper rank.

Even in betrayal, he would not shun his heritage.

With a sigh Rune both his hand and his thoughts from his hair - there were more important matters at hand. Namely, the man seated on the other side of that desk, all business in his high-collared black coat. He was one of the Ashy-men, the final product spun out of this factor of heresy and sacrilege. With perfectly trimmed and greased-back hair, a face that may as well have been carved from stone, and a set of soulless blue eyes, he seemed to suck up whatever light managed to filter in through the gaudy fabric.

"Seanchan," he said simply, glancing briefly up from the spread of parchment laid out over the desk's glossy surface. There was a certain distaste audible in his tone - a dirty twist to the name of Rune's nationality. Even his voice resonated a certain coldness - was this what was made of the inhabitant of this black-walled prison? These men and women seemed as lifeless as those who came face to face with the Eyeless; was this place naught but an extension of the Dark One's touch, and not at all a safe haven for those unfortunates touched by the Curse?

"And nobility, by the air of you. So tell me, why does an enemy of the Lord Dragon come calling at the Black Tower's door?"

Rune arched one dark brow, allowing his chair to settle back onto all four legs with a loud thump. "Enemy?" Rune said, his cracking voice think with Seandar's native drawl. "Excuse me, but when did I hump your mother? I don't recall doing anything to become your enemy."

"Last time I checked," the Ashy-man continued, "Your people collar channelers and use them as weapons."

"And you collar dogs, who have more humanity than damane."

The man almost smiled, a baring of yellow, crooked teeth. "Nobility indeed. We will break you of that soon enough. You're lucky," he collected the papers from his desk, tapping the ends to straighten them before tossing them into the desk drawer, "The M'hael will get the first honor of showing you where you stand."

Moments later, he was being ushered towards the West classrooms. It was already full upon his arrival, full of unfamiliar and likely unfriendly faces, none of which Rune cared to know much of anything about. Not a single one bore any resemblance of feminine persuasion, and there wasn't an eye-pleasing rack to be found.


Still, it was somewhat thrilling to see how they lived, these sub-cultural specimens of poverty and ill breeding. Rune took his seat with a crooked smile, listening as the Me-hail, the head Ashy-man, spoke. He knew little of what was being said - the One Power and saidin were entirely foreign concepts to him, but he listened with interest. Surely he was not expected to use the Curse voluntarily? He had come here to control the Creator's ill strike against him so that he could hide it and return to his family before they destroyed the meager resistance entirely, not to learn how to wield it like a marath'damane.

When his turn came, he stood with an awkward sort of grace, his movements smooth but irregular - he was a tall boy, but his face still held the touches of extreme youth, round and plush. His featured were fine and his muscles untoned - obvious signs of a life of pampered ease.

"My name is Rune Benedict," he spoke solidly, but did not bow. It was not an act of disrespect, but simply a product of his lacking knowledge of this strange culture's etiquette and customs, "Son of Sarva and Rael, of the Imperial Court of Seanchan. I have never.." he paused, his features twisting into an expression of unfamiliarity, "touched the Curse. It is considered vile, impermissible, and men found capable of doing so are put to death."

No more needed be said. Rune took his seat and waited.. though for what, exactly, he did not know.

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    Ronan was absent from the Tower. It was one of those rare, blissful moments where Lysander could step freely about the cobbled roads and beaten paths without bearing the burden of spying the woman.... more
    • Completion!Mark, Thu Nov 16 20:30
      Yaaaay! *grins* Thanks for participating, folks. Credits to: Soldier Carasal Soldier Darius Soldier Mikel Soldier Salruoth And, of course, Soldier Rune has an extension. I'm just that nice. Or... more
    • Part III: Ab OrigineM'Hael Lysander, Thu Nov 9 19:06
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        Carasal blinked, So I can channel… The shock lasted only a moment. He had been told, after all, what would be expected of him before he even arrived here. He would become a weapon, a living weapon... more
      • Five ThreadsSoldier Mikel O'Cionaoith, Fri Nov 10 14:02
        Mikel almost sighed, tapping his fingers lightly on his knee. Avron had already explained this all to him, and he was getting impatient, ready to do something. Restrain yourself, the time will come…... more
      • SpiritDarius al'Ceer, Thu Nov 9 22:41
        Darius had discerned a slight difference in the flow of Saidin, and now he knew why. So, if there are 5 powers, he thought, and strength in them varies, then I hope mine can be used for healing. I... more
    • Cultural Fault — Rune Benedict, Mon Nov 6 11:34
    • Newest ArrivalCarasal Kardos, Wed Nov 1 12:48
      Stepping through the Gateway, Carasal looks around, murmuring “This is the fabled Black Tower?” He expected a city, with great walls and high buildings, spiraling out around a central building.... more
    • Part II: Coniunctis ViribusM'Hael Lysander, Wed Nov 1 10:36
      Salruoth, it appeared, did not have any inquiry. Darius and Mikel, on the other hand, appeared as though they were ripe therewith. The black-clad men stated their questions clearly, assertively, and... more
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      • SaidinSoldier Mikel Ayellfrin O'Cionaoith, Thu Nov 9 13:47
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      • Amazing powerSoldier Carasal, Mon Nov 6 18:23
        Carasal sought the Void, but it eluded him. All he had ever felt was a slight… vibration when those who tested him channeled. Like a reflection of a reflection, the pulsing energies they wove seemed... more
      • VoidwalkerDarius al'Ceer, Thu Nov 2 15:50
        Darius was slightly disappointed with his answer, and decided that he would discover it on his own one day, if he could. He forgot all about this when M’Hael Lysander began his instruction, and he... more
    • Part I: Veritas Vos LiberabitM'Hael Lysander, Wed Oct 25 12:34
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      • First ImpressionsSoldier Carasal, Mon Nov 6 18:10
        The world had gone insane. Once, these men who could call down fire from the heavens and tear holes in space shattered the world. They were feared, not respected. Carasal's father had taught him once ... more
      • Informational BridgesRune Benedict, Mon Nov 6 11:35
        It made no sense. One did not simply show respect without reason. It could not be assumed that someone had earned the respect of every individual through impersonal experiences. What about earning... more
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      • The Truth Is My Enemy...Soldier Mikel O'Cionaoith, Thu Oct 26 16:16
        Mikel glanced at Soldier Darius. Apparently, I missed something there. Too bad, I would have enjoyed the man making a fool out of himself. Mikel casually observed the other two. They wore nervous... more
      • So it BeginsDarius al'Ceer, Thu Oct 26 07:59
        Darius glanced out of the corner of his eyes at the other recruits. They both looked nervous, and he felt likewise. He payed exquisite attention to the M’hael as he began speaking. He looked... more
    • Third ArrivalSoldier Mikel O'Cionaoith, Tue Oct 24 18:56
      Mikel watched as the stableman took Rahien's reigns. Mikel had faith in the man, but he wanted to see that everything was done properly. He was somewhat of a perfectionist. When he saw that the man... more
    • A new recruitSoldier Salruoth, Sun Oct 22 15:02
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      Darius had been trudging along the corridor, lost in thought, the sword at his side weighing him down when he got the summons. His greenish-yellow eyes went wide to know that he was going to be... more
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