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Informational Bridges
Mon Nov 6, 2006 11:35 (XFF:,

It made no sense.

One did not simply show respect without reason. It could not be assumed that someone had earned the respect of every individual through impersonal experiences. What about earning those double pins gave this man - or any man - the right to demand a sign of respect? A bow? A salute? Signals reserved for those who had been born into ranks of respect, raised with such knowledge and influence that in itself earned the awe and subordination of others. Reserved for those who had fought, who had died for the Empress and for the Crystal Throne? Was it culture or was it madness, ignorance, that demanded such a signal for any passing person with a pin of prestige. How could it be demanded at all?

Rune's face depicted obvious confusion, and he glanced from person to person to see if any of them reflected the same. None seemed to do so.

The man spoke of the Curse as though it were a blessing. As though women were not dehumanized and men not put to death because of it. Granted, it had given the Seanchan military immense power, but there was a price. And here, halfway across the world from his homeland, it was a gift? The very idea was foreign and ridiculous.

And yet he continued. He continued with a history, and explanation, and a foretelling. People died for this here, but not for shame. They died of addictions and overdoses, but never of suicides to escape a damane's collar or the headman's axe. And the Curse varied - it specified itself to men and women - as deceptive as it was alluring. Here, they wielded it freely, without the control and guidance of trained sul'dam, without limitation to their powers. Rune imagined damane free to do as they wished, and he knew if it were so, they would control the world.

The Crystal Throne would surely burn.

He had questions. Oh, he had them. But there were so many, and so varied, and only a few of them relating to the Curse itself. He was silent as the questions were asked and answered, simply listening as though the men around him were utterly insane.

OOC: I decided to not have him ask questions since I hopped in a bit late. =3 That way you don't have to edit your post or anything, Mark. Aaaaand because he's a wee bit confused, and I think he'd probably be unintentionally insulting if he tried to ask a question about respect.

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