First Impressions
Mon Nov 6, 2006 18:10 (XFF:,

The world had gone insane. Once, these men who could call down fire from the heavens and tear holes in space shattered the world. They were feared, not respected. Carasal's father had taught him once that fear could lead to respect, but only so long as the object of that fear remained close. Were these men planning to dominate everything Carasal did from here on out? Would he have no freedom to choose his own path? The man mentioned Tracks, but would that not depend more on what he could do than what he wanted to do?

Carasal knew these were not the kinds of questions he should ask, though. Maybe even thinking these things was dangerous. Who knew what these men could do? Maybe they could read minds. Maybe I can read minds. After all, if what they say is true, I am one of those men. He shook his head confused. He knew nothing of what he might become here. All he did know was that this place and these people were dangerous. I have to be careful…

His thoughts trailed off as he surveyed the room. The others all seem to be comfortable asking questions. None of the thoughts running through Carasal’s mind seemed safe to pose as a question to the leader of the Asha’man. This man can move mountains and freeze oceans with a thought; eliminating a troublesome pupil would be like stepping on a grape. Carasal swallowed hard and decided asking questions could wait until he knew a little more about where he was and where he was going. Stepping on the wrong toes now might be fatal.

  • Part I: Veritas Vos LiberabitM'Hael Lysander, Wed Oct 25 12:34
    It was incredibly peculiar for two bodies to appear in the flesh before him, entering the room to join this lesson of theirs. Lysander accepted it with the most tepid blink. Nonetheless, this was the ... more
    • First Impressions — Soldier Carasal, Mon Nov 6 18:10
    • Informational BridgesRune Benedict, Mon Nov 6 11:35
      It made no sense. One did not simply show respect without reason. It could not be assumed that someone had earned the respect of every individual through impersonal experiences. What about earning... more
    • Enticing...Soldier Salruoth, Thu Oct 26 18:47
      Salruoth had finished answering the questions, he had survived the first part; he sagged visibly, feeling an uneasy amount of tension lift from him, the 'Void' had dissipated as soon as he felt the... more
    • The Truth Is My Enemy...Soldier Mikel O'Cionaoith, Thu Oct 26 16:16
      Mikel glanced at Soldier Darius. Apparently, I missed something there. Too bad, I would have enjoyed the man making a fool out of himself. Mikel casually observed the other two. They wore nervous... more
    • So it BeginsDarius al'Ceer, Thu Oct 26 07:59
      Darius glanced out of the corner of his eyes at the other recruits. They both looked nervous, and he felt likewise. He payed exquisite attention to the M’hael as he began speaking. He looked... more
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