Amazing power
Mon Nov 6, 2006 18:23 (XFF:,

Carasal sought the Void, but it eluded him. All he had ever felt was a slight… vibration when those who tested him channeled. Like a reflection of a reflection, the pulsing energies they wove seemed to run all around and through him for just an instant before he saw the effects. Those feelings were the only reason he actually believed them when they told him he could channel.

Frustration turned to anger as he strained and stretched for the invisible force he had been told he could harness. Something is wrong, he thought. I need to relax. Carasal stopped and glanced around. No one else seemed to be having great success either, but everyone seemed focused. Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes. A flame… Let go into the flame… Let it come to me, then seize it…

Then something was there, just beyond vision. Like a phantom caressing the skin or a slight hum on the horizon. He opened his eyes and could almost see a haze or shimmering in the air all around him. As the feeling got stronger, he reached out. He could not identify how he was reaching out, except to say a part of his soul was opening like a hand or a net.

There! he grasped with his invisible fist, and nothing happened. Like sand flowing in the wind, saidin slipped through his phantom fingers. First, I cannot see it… Now, I cannot grasp it... And when I do, I’ll have to fight it... Is this even worth it? He growled in frustration before thrusting even that renegade emotion into the Flame. I am the Void, he tells himself, and I will not fail…

Again, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. As the Void within him grew, so did the feeling of energy around him. When the vibrations seemed to be rattling his insides, he reached out to saidin. He gasped as the Power fills him, a raging hurricane of ice slammed into his soul like every winter he had ever felt all at once. Saidin flowed into him as a flood of ice or molten stone, and he struggled to maintain control. Until that moment he was still unsure whether he could channel; being told something is completely different from having experienced it. Suddenly he felt control ebbing away, and he let go as fast as he could before the Power could scour his mind blank or burn the soul from his body.

His breathing was fast and shallow, and he noticed suddenly that he was sweating. He looked up frightfully, now knowing how close to death he had come. He knew if he ever failed for even an instant to control that torrent, he would die. “How can one man control that kind of power?” he asked breathlessly.

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