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Salruoth noted the M’Hael’s words with dire consideration. He had felt saidin, enduring the overwhelming currents that struggled to sweep him away and claim him forever. Even with that frightening fear in his mind, he still reveled in it and he craved embracing it; yet he had held onto some discipline, since his first time briefly touching it, he never laid a claim to it ever again. During his journey to the Black Tower, it had been a struggle to avoid it, even when he felt in danger. It was an enticing glimmer in the back of his mind, sitting in the horizon beckoning to him seductively, and every time it was harder to ignore its call. But now he was free to touch it, to enjoy the overflowing life it gave him and caper in the sweet power of it all. The way you talk, you sound addicted. That was not exactly a lie, either. Salruoth had taking great measures to avoid saidin but it was not something you easily could ignore; it was persistent in his calls, and in a humorous moment, it reminded him of his mother’s pestering. He could not avoid saidin and it could not avoid him. He had to learn to manage with it, become “One” with it and the power of it. Fight the current, came a thought. It sounded like good advice, to Salruoth. His eyes were about to snap shut, before he opened them to listen to the explanation and command of the M’Hael. Eyes slanting slightly, he listened with careful caution; with ever word, anxiety seeped into the bones of Salruoth and he felt suddenly uncomfortable.

“The Void? Yes, my father taught me that…” Salruoth was speaking to no one particular, but was uttering it to himself in a mumble. Any Sheinarian used the “Void”; to be with out it was as foolish as fighting with no weapon at all. He had heard the term of which the M’Hael spoke of, yet Salruoth was still new to saidin and he was unaware that you could only reach it from the void. He wouldn’t learn anything by pondering on such things, so Salruoth closed his eyes and formed the flame. It came easily enough, even more quickly than before. His emotions were fed into as soon as it was formed, and he felt the utter calamity of it all. The Void formed, he felt all the anxiety, tension and impatience he had ever felt flush away, replaced by the nothingness and blank, clear space of the Void. It was relaxing, but it was impeded by the progressively stronger light glimmering in the distance of the depths of his mind. Saidin. Just like the M’Hael said, it immediately called for him, egging him towards it and giving him a promising feeling. He grasped at it, feeling as if his fingers touched thin air. It still remained in the distance. Waiting for him. Salruoth concentrated, his eyes closing yet again and he forced himself to reach for it; this time he had it, briefly before it squandered away in his clutches. Had the Void not been there, Salruoth would’ve been brimming with irritation. Salruoth reached out again, and he grabbed at saidin once more. The life of it filled him as soon as the current rushed against him. He struggled at first, visibly showing it as he shook in reality, however he managed to control it. Fighting the current felt easier, and less taxing with the attributes of saidin Everything was more clear, more sharper and he realized the remarkable amount of perception he had.

“It is wonderful; I feel alive, like I’ve never felt before!” As soon as the words left Salruoth’s mouth, though, he lost the control of saidin. The moment weakness he provided it, to speak, allowed him to be washed away by the power of the flow of saidin, and it fear he released it. What power it had! The measure of control he would require to master such a powerful current… well, it certainly would not be easy. Salruoth’s mouth quirked into a small smile, an amused one at that. He enjoyed a challenge, since they provided a chance to learn more about saidin. Knowledge was always something that exciting Salruoth, and he found it difficult to ignore the possibilities of what he could learn. At least he had embraced saidin, for however long it was, it was more then just an improvement. Before, he had touched it for moments and it nearly destroyed him – or at least felt like it would! Much to learn, indeed!

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